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Candidates' Recommendations

    • Developer


      Professionalism, clear communication, nice and friendly atmosphere of cooperation.

    • QA Engineer


      ​​The job offer was thoroughly and interestingly presented. Great interest from the recruiter. Each phone call ended with a smile on my face.

    • Krzysztof, Senior .NET Developer


      Excellent contact with the recruiter, as well as a clear and substantive recruitment process. A positive atmosphere, a professionally guided series of questions and a well-organized sequence that also made it possible to obtain all the information I wanted.

    • Software Engineer


      Very good cooperation.

    • Junior DevOps Engineer


      The recruitment process was carried out very professionally. I got answers to all my questions.

    • Senior .NET Developer


      Honesty, great pace and active feedback.

    • Junior Platform Engineer


      Professional recruitment process. No understatements, everything was said straight out. Additionally, a nice approach to the candidate.

    • Janek, Senior QA Engineer


      Agnieszka was interested in the process, she was finding out Information and helped to dispel the doubts, we had constant contact both by phone and e-mail (LinkedIn). […] Successful recruitment – we all end our cooperation in good spirits.

    • PrestaShop Developer


      Great cooperation.

    • Senior PHP Developer


      Very good contact and understanding of the needs and problems of a person who wants to cooperate with a future company.

    • Dominik, Software Engineer


      Super cooperation!

    • Front-end Developer


      The conversation with Mrs. Milena was very pleasant. She approached the cooperation transparently and professionally, thanks to which we did not waste any time.

    • Marek, Senior Software .NET Engineer


      I think back on the cooperation very well, offers tailored to the candidate, trouble-free and nice contact.

    • Jakub, Software Developer


      The cooperation went smoothly. Ms Arianna, with whom I had the opportunity to cooperate, presented the offer and conditions clearly and kept me informed about the progress.

    • Wojtek, .NET Developer


      A very professional recruitment process. (…) So far, I like everything.

    • Adam, DevOps Engineer


      I can only recommend Kamil’s help – he was very concrete, sincere and open in our discussions. Such behaviour was really outstanding among other recruiters – so if you want to find a new job – I really encourage you to contact with Kamil!

    • Drupal Developer

      Lisia Góra

      Efficient, fast process. Nothing but concrete things. Immediate technical conversation, without unnecessary formalities and redundant arrangements. Besides, sincere interest in the other person and nice contact with Mrs. Milena 🙂

    • ​​

      Head of Enterprise Architecture


      One of the few recruitment processes conducted very professionally: regular contact, efficient interviews and reliability in providing information.

    • QA Engineer


      Very professional and friendly help in the recruitment process.

    • Daniel, .NET Developer


      Perfect approach and knowledge of the recruiter. It is better to trust the “no bullshit” approach than to cooperate with a random company. Definitely a positive process.

    • Content Creator for Python Backend course


      Efficient and professional contact.

    • Paweł, IT Systems Engineer


      I am very surprised by the approach and commitment of Mr. Kamil, the recruiter, to my application and the next steps related to recruitment in a new company. I will be happy to recommend him to my colleagues in the future. 12/10!

    • Business Application Support


      A very efficient recruitment process. The recruiter was very specific from start to finish. This is how each recruitment process should look like.

    • Software Engineer


      I received the proposal to participate in the recruitment via LinkedIn. The offer was perfectly suited to my professional profile. Thanks to the use of emojis and a short, but specific message, it caught my attention.

    • Software Developer


      Very positive cooperation. I was informed about the course of each recruitment stage. Quick and precise answers to all my questions.

    • Validation Specialist


      Very good cooperation. I got all the information right away.

    • Mateusz, .NET Developer


      I cooperated very well with the recruiter, the communication between us and the potential employer was smooth and there were no problems.

    • Software Engineer


      Great interest and commitment from the employee of Next Technology Professionals. Perfect contact, and not in an overly official tone, which is a huge plus for me.

    • Łukasz, Expert


      Very positive cooperation. Full professionalism, direct communication, correct approach to the candidate and, of course, availability.

    • Senior QA Engineer


      Very nice recruitment process – definitely the fastest one I have ever participated in.

    • Front-end Engineer


      Good cooperation 🙂