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External Labor (B2B Service)

Your company can only employ IT Specialists on the basis of an employment contract, but some employees prefer cooperation based on a B2B contract? With the help of Next Technology Professionals – an experienced IT recruitment agency in Poland, you can meet their expectations.

What is External Labor (B2B Service)?

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A B2B (Business to Business) contract is a type of civil law contract concluded between two companies, in which the Service Provider undertakes to provide a specific type of service. These services can be performed after setting up a business (own company), and the settlement is based on an invoice.

As Next Technology Professionals, we are an intermediary between your company and the employee. An employee signs a contract with us and issues an invoice to us every month for the services provided to your company, while you settle accounts with us.

Scenario 1: You currently employ people only on the basis of an employment contract. However, a long-sought Candidate has come to you, but unfortunately, he wants to cooperate only on B2B.

Scenario 2: A given IT Specialist works on the basis of an employment contract, but he would like to switch to B2B and settle accounts on a lump sum. Unfortunately, this solution is not possible, so our alternative is External Labor (B2B Service).

If you are in one of the above situations, we’ll be happy to help, by providing our services!

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You send us a message via "Contact" tab.

a. We talk about your needs and requirements, but we also share our best practices.

b. We set the terms of cooperation.

We arrange a conversation with the Hiring Manager. Usually, we need a little more information about technologies, the project and the team, in order to attract the best candidates.

We begin the search for candidates.

In the following months, you can count on our support. We are in touch with you and the candidate.

We celebrate our joint success because you have just scaled up your team with another specialist.

Always after 7 days of working on the process, you will receive detailed feedback from us.


  • What are the advantages of working with a recruitment company?

    An internally conducted recruitment process can be very time-consuming. Our professional recruiters are experienced in finding IT specialists and know-how to significantly reduce the time needed to search for them. As an IT recruitment agency we look for candidates, check their CVs and conduct initial job interviews. After such assessment, the carefully chosen candidates meet with the client. As a result, people responsible for the Human Resources or the IT department do not have to spend time attracting candidates and browsing tons of profiles and recruitment websites to find the few most suited employees who meet their expectations.

  • What is the difference between a standard contract of employment and the B2B contract?

    An employment contract is a standard form of employment in Poland. It contains the scope of rights and obligations of both the employer and the employee. It describes the role of the employer and the specific tasks of the employee. The employer must pay the employee as previously agreed, and the employee is to perform the duties assigned by the superior. The employment contract and all its rules are based on the Polish Labour Code. The B2B (Business-to-Business) contract is an alternative to an employment contract. A software developer starts his own company (and becomes self-employed) to provide services to another IT company. Instead of a monthly salary, he or she issues an invoice that the client is required to cover. It is a contract between two companies; it is governed not by the Labor Code but by the Civil Code.

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External Labor (B2B Service)

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