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  • Milena Miesiak

    IT Recruitment Business Consultant


    Tel: + 48 739 024 032

  • Piotr Jurek

    Chief Operating Officer


    Tel: + 48 668 116 115

  • Mateusz Małachowski

    IT Recruitment Business Specialist


    Tel: + 48 690 030 151

Get a free consultation on your recruitment practices!

In this ~15-minute call you can ask:

If you are responsible for HR

  • How to improve the recruitment process?

  • What can I do immediately to have a better response rate among Developers?

  • What is the average salary of a Developer specialized in a specific tech stack?

If you are responsible for IT

  • What can I do to speed up the process of hiring IT Specialists without having my own HR team?

  • What model of cooperation to choose: permanent IT recruitment or body leasing IT?

  • What can make the offer more attractive for Candidates apart from salary?

If you are interested in IT Outsourcing

  • Which city is the most suitable for opening a branch?

  • How should the nearshoring process look like in order to be effective?

  • What are the common benefits on the Polish market?

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