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RPA Developer for Polish Software House IT9


The employer is a very dynamic company with Polish capital, which, among others provides services in the field of disruptive technologies (RPA, blockchain, machine learning) and automates business processes. The company is a member of the Blockchain Alliance.

RPA Developer for Polish Software House IT9

The period of the described project: 2019

Cooperation continues until today.


The company came to our IT recruitment agency and outsourcing company with a request to find a Robotic Process Automation Developer (RPA Developer). The biggest challenge in the project was the small number of candidates specializing in business process automation. This is due to the fact that this area is in the growth phase, the trend for RPA has appeared relatively recently.


The number of perfectly matched candidates was limited. The best candidate was the one who was currently in such a position. However, the area of Robotic Process Automation is new and that is why we had to expand our search. At the beginning, we reviewed over 200 profiles of specialists who work in Poland and in the world, looking for technology and specific wording that are used by this group of people. In our search, we also opened up to people who dealt with automation, but not necessarily as RPA developers. We also joined discussion groups of people interested in this topic.

For some vacancies, employers are able to consider people who do not fully meet the requirements, but who, given their current skills, are still promising. In their case, one can count on them to develop quickly if they receive appropriate support from a mentor - these people are so-called “high-potentials”. For IT9, this was a person from the financial industry who is able to use MS Excel and the VBA programming language perfectly. At first, such people were not independent employees.


Within 1 week, we sent the first candidates to the client and among them were people who had experience as RPA Developers, as well as people with potential. The employer met with representatives of both groups to see more precisely what the competence gap between them looks like, and make an informed decision based on the assessment. The challenge ended successfully, because the client positively assessed both specialists with more and those with less experience, and then submitted a proposal to one of the candidates. The job offer was accepted and the candidate started working at IT9.