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Android Developer needed ASAP at Sigma Connectivity

Sigma Connectivity

Employer is a global software house with offices in the USA, Sweden and Denmark. The company specializes in innovating, creating and developing connected solutions and devices. They focus on loT (Internet of Things) and smart solutions.

Android Developer needed ASAP at Sigma Connectivity

The period of the described project: 2019

Cooperation continues until today.


The company hired Next Technology Professionals to find an Android Developer for a smart home project focused on smart home tools, e.g. light bulbs or curtains that can be remotely controlled.

The biggest challenge in the project was a short time to find the right candidate. The company found a suitable employee a few weeks earlier, but a week before the planned start of work, he changed his mind and resigned from the offer. Our goal was to find a candidate who could join the company immediately, but not later than within 2 weeks.


There are several thousand engineers in Warsaw who can program on the Android platform, but because the time to find a new employee was so short, we had to skillfully narrow down the results.

First, we reached into our internal base - as we regularly search for such profiles also for other companies, we have very up-to-date information on the expectations of candidates and their situation. Several candidates during recent conversations with our consultants indicated that they are interested in IoT-related projects. If the candidates were on the budget, had short notice periods or their dismissal was very likely, we contacted them immediately.

As the IT recruitment agency and outsourcing company, we were also looking for candidates in themed groups, on discussion forums or on various Internet platforms. There, on the other hand, we focused primarily on looking for people who are freelancers, work on contracts, have recently joined companies and are on trial periods or have a short notice.

Since the project was attractive, two people came to us through word-of-mouth, i.e. “a friend told me about your offer”.


The challenge was a success, because in just one week from the client’s inquiry we were able to find a person who was finally employed.

This was the result of greater intensification of activities (the leading consultant temporarily suspended work on other vacancies), search narrowing strategies and the attractiveness of the project itself.

The candidate chosen by the client was found through our database.