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Our series in which experts share their expertise about recruiting in the IT industry

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17. Will women dominate the IT industry?🔥💻 [English subtitles available]

In the 17th episode of the Call for Tech series, we talk with Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska – Co-Founder & VP at Future Collars. The main topic of the conversation is gaining competence and the future of women in the IT industry

16. Do you want a change? Be the change!🔥💻 [English subtitles available]

In the 16th episode of the Call for Tech series, we talk with Aga Myśliwczyk – CEO of CandidFuture. The main topic of our conversation is burnout among IT recruiters. You can find out more about the causes of this phenomenon and how you can help the other employee. Aga also shares preliminary conclusions from the survey conducted as part of the “IT Recruiter on Fire” project.

CFT: Komputronik & Next Technology Professionals

15. 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Programmer🖥️

In the 15th episode of the Call for Tech series, together with Komputronik, we prepared a list of the top 10 gifts every programmer and tech geek is sure to appreciate🤓

14. When I started, the profession of software tester was not known🖥️ [English subtitles available]

In the 14th episode of the Call for Tech series, we talk with Adam Basek – Senior Test Manager and co-creator of the 4_testers course. Our Guest shares his knowledge about working as a software tester. What is the difference between an automation tester and a manual tester? What predispositions and skills do you need to have in this profession? How to effectively recruit testers?

13. An agile coach is a kind of like a scrum master, only more so🧠 [English subtitles available]

In the 13th episode of Call for Tech, we talk with Bartosz Janowski – Head of Agile Centre at mBank. Our Guest shares his knowledge about Agile, team management and agile working methods. What is Agile? What is the difference between a scrum master and an agile coach? What mistakes are made most often during a company’s transformation?

12. How to get a job in Data Science?📊 [English subtitles available]

In the 12th episode of the Call for Tech series, our guest is Mateusz Dorobek, who works as a Data Scientist at Allegro Pay. Mateusz shares his insights on working with data and the challenges of the future of data management. What to look for when recruiting for such a position? How and what is worth learning if you want to tie your future to Data? Is Machine Learning a threat to the recruiting profession?

11. We assimilate huge amounts of information that we don’t always deal with 🧠 [English subtitles available]

In the 11th episode of Call for Tech, we talk with Krzysztof Wojewodzic – CEO at ESCOLA S.A.. Our Guest shares his insights on the mobile app market, competence verification among developers, and recruitment of Mobile App Developers. How to ensure a good atmosphere in the company? What is the difference between recruiting an iOS Developer and an Android Developer? How does artificial intelligence affect mobile app development?

10. How to be a good recruiter and not make people depressed? 🔍

In the 10th episode of the Call for Tech series, Aga Babicz talks with Katrina Collier – the author of “The Robot-Proof Recruiter”. Our Guest shares very interesting insights on candidate experience and conducting recruitment processes.

9. Cloud is not yet another technology, it’s a mindset ☁️💻

In the 9th episode of the Call for Tech series, Dominik Jurek and Piotr Jurek talk with Michał Furmankiewicz – Country Engineering Lead for Azure. Our Guest shares his knowledge on Cloud solutions, hiring Cloud Specialists and working at Microsoft.

8. Being a programmer is a constant learning experience📚 [English subtitles available]

In the 8th episode of the Call for Tech series, we talk with Matthew Rus – an experienced .NET Developer and author of the book “A Programmer to Be”. We touch on the topics of choosing programming languages, studying, conducting recruitment processes and predictions about the future of the IT specialist profession.

7. How to hire multiple programmers in a short period of time❓👨‍💻 [English subtitles available]

In the 7th episode of the Call for Tech series, Dominik Kubiak – IT Recruitment Business Consultant, talks about how to effectively conduct volume recruitment. What is volume recruitment? How to optimize and speed up your work? What are the characteristics of a volume recruiter’s work?

6. Relationship of Hiring Manager, Recruiter and Candidate in IT👨‍💻 [English subtitles available]

In the 6th episode of the Call for Tech series, Dominik and Piotr Jurek talk with Nicholas Sieczka – Software Engineering Manager. Our Guest shares his insights on feedback and changes taking place in IT recruitment. What mistakes do recruiters most often make? What should the relationship between Hiring Managers, IT recruiters and candidates look like?

5. PLN 80,000 to learn cybersecurity – cost or investment?🔐 [English subtitles available]

In the 5th episode of the Call for Tech series, Dominik and Piotr Jurek talk to Wojciech Ciemski – a cybersecurity expert. Wojtek shares tips on career development, recruitment interviews and trends in cybersecurity.

4. Workation🏝️ IT recruitment on the road

Can workation work well for an IT recruiter? Justyna Gałązka will answer this question. Our IT recruiter with over 3 years of experience took a trip to Tuscany, testing workation mode in an RV. As part of our Call for Tech series, we were able to find out what Justyna thinks are the biggest advantages, as well as the challenges, of working remotely combined with active leisure. Would this style of work pass a positive test for you as well?

3. If I knew that, I would have become a Java Developer faster [English subtitles available]

In Episode 3 of the Call for Tech series, Dominik and Piotr Jurek talk with Bartłomiej Kalka – Java Developer with over 4 years of experience. Bartek has been effective in helping others get their first Java job and during the interview he gives many valuable tips that will come in handy especially for IT beginners.

2. How to perform well at an IT job interview?

Kamil Ficek, our Senior IT Recruitment Consultant, talked about the behavior of candidates during interviews and shared many valuable tips to increase your chances of getting hired in IT.

1. The day and organization of an IT recruiter’s work – 5 tips [English subtitles available]

In Episode 1 of Call for Tech, Milena Lewandowska, who works as an IT Recruiter at Next Technology Professionals, showed what her job looks like. What does an IT recruiter’s workday look like? Learn Milena’s 5 tips for organizing your work.