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How to Hire Node.js Developers

How to Hire Node.js Developers?

Node.js is considered one of the most appreciated web development tools in the world, successfully explored by the biggest market players such as LinkedIn, Netflix or PayPal. And this definitely doesn’t happen for no reason – according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Node.js reaches the top of the most popular frameworks, libraries and tools used in 2020. What makes Node.js so popular and how to hire top-performing Node.js developers? 

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source back-end JavaScript runtime environment. It is most frequently used for building server-side scripts, web applications and dynamic web content. Thanks to unification with other JavaScript modules, Node.js allows the development of both front-end and back-end with only one programming language.

However, this is not the only reason behind the remarkable popularity of Node.js. The Node.js-powered websites are also scalable, user-friendly, dynamic and equipped with a variety of functionalities. Moreover, Node.js applications provide developers and founders with satisfying performance and optimized development costs. In addition, the tool allows collecting form data, building dynamic elements and modifying data in both databases and on the server. This is why it’s so universal, efficient and applicable to a variety of projects.

What do Node.js developers do? 

Technically, Node.js developers are JavaScript developers highly qualified in the specific back-end development tool. So, what are the exact responsibilities of Node.js developers? To name but a few of them:

  • deploying and managing web applications in JavaScript
  • developing back-end components and customer-facing back-end services
  • integrations with third-party servers and services
  • cooperation with front-end developers
  • ensuring safety protocols and data protection measures
  • fixing bugs.

How to hire a Node.js developer?

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, in 2019 and 2020 Node.js was the most popular JavaScript tool used by 51.4% of respondents. The same research also highlights that JavaScript itself was the most popular programming language. With such significant popularity, access to developers should be more than satisfying. However, finding the candidate with desired skills and performance might still be challenging.

To make the selection less tough for you, we prepared a list of skills and attitudes that can be expected from a Node.js developer:

  • remarkable knowledge of Node.js popular services and frameworks, such as Nest.js, Express, Hapi, Total.js or Koa.js
  • ability to deploy server-side network elements, integrate third-party components, provide a consistent and secure data exchange and work with database
  • being familiar with both back-end and front-end architecture
  • knowledge in user authentication, authorization, data protection and security measures
  • good communication skills and ability to cooperate with front-end developers in order to achieve desired responsiveness
  • writing a clear, efficient and readable code
  • a good understanding of asynchronous programming
  • showing-off technological interest in the latest technologies and trends
  • being aware of industry best practices
  • engagement, contribution and staying active in the JavaScript community
  • problem-solving attitude and skills and error-management
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Node.js developer – salary

What is the salary of a Node.js developer? Obviously, an average income varies depending on the location. According to the latest research of Payscale from early 2022, annual income values are the following:

Based on the data from our report, we can see that the monthly salary of a Polish Node.js developer ranges from 8,383 PLN to 29,375 PLN.

node.js developer in Poland salary

Hiring Node.js developer

How to hire a Node.js developer? Obviously, you can start by doing your own research. To provide you with a few useful tools, you can check out Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal or Codementor. However, online research might be tedious and inefficient. This is why we recommend starting a cooperation with a specialized IT recruitment agency. 

For example, at Next Technology Professionals we are able to deliver the first candidates even within 2-3 days. Thanks to our network, direct search method, consistency and possibility to gain in-depth insights about the candidates, we are capable of selecting them carefully and providing you only with the most promising resumes. Moreover, in order to ensure the right match and loyalty of the future employee, we always provide them with honest and detailed information about the opportunity and verify whether their attitude matches the company’s needs and goals. 

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