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How to perform well at a job interview?

The interview is the most important stage of the entire recruitment process. It is the moment when you have the opportunity to make a good impression on the employer and convince them that you are the best candidate for the job. Behavior during the interview and preparation for it is the most important factor that may influence the hiring decision. Even if your CV is impressive and you are clearly unprepared for the interview, before you know it, your dream job may pass by you. To avoid such a situation, read our short guide and try to follow all the advice.

Prepare yourself

Have you found an interesting offer, applied and received an invitation for an interview? Do you know where you applied and what the company does? If so then great, if not – it’s time to catch up! Basic knowledge of the company will not only allow you to present yourself better but also prepare the questions you would like to ask to make sure it is the right place to work for you. Asking questions will not only help you learn more about a potential job but will also make you come off as a motivated person who cares about the position. Even if it turns out that this is not the job for you, you will leave a good impression and an open door for the future.

Dress appropriately

Your appearance and dress indicate how seriously you take recruitment and how you will represent the company in the future. How to dress for a job interview to make a good impression on the employer? During job interviews, there is usually a business dress code (a suit for men and a suit for women). Some jobs or companies may require less formal attire, Therefore, the safest way out of a situation is often to choose a so-called business casual outfit, which deviates somewhat from the rigid rules and for men it means elegant trousers and a shirt, and for women it allows them to replace a traditional jacket, for example with an elegant blouse.

Make a good first impression

Firstly, don’t be late for an interview, this can be seen as disrespecting other people’s time. It is worth leaving the house with an adequate supply, even if we get there too early, we can use this moment for a short walk and relaxation. We only have a few seconds to make a good first impression, so when you stand in front of your interlocutor remember to say hello. According to business ethics, it is the host who first introduces himself and shakes our hand. What we should also remember when greeting is the strength of our embrace – it should be firm, but in this case, it is worth keeping it in moderation – neither crushing the recruiter’s or manager’s fingers nor a flaccid hand will make a good impression.

Believe in yourself and remember your achievements

Just the invitation to the job interview shows that the employer finds your experience attractive! Keep this in mind when going for an interview and try to present yourself at your best. To be successful, you first have to believe in it yourself, your attitude can work wonders, self-confidence and knowing your strengths and being able to present them is the key to success. 

It can help to have a positive attitude if you list your strengths and successes before the interview and remember how you dealt with difficult situations in your previous job.

Good luck!