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As a recruitment agency, we know that hiring the best and most effective marketing specialists can be a time-consuming task. Marketing in IT, in particular, is a demanding area necessary for many companies to achieve the best results and stand out from the competition.

Do you need an employee or team to work in marketing? Next Technology Professionals will help you find the best specialists for your company.

Thanks to our experience, we will provide you with candidates tailored to your needs. Schedule a free consultation and we will discuss the details.

Let's talk about recruitment in marketing

We are a team of experienced recruiters whose goal is to help our clients find the best talents who, thanks to marketing activities, will allow you to develop the best strategy leading to success.

We can help you recruit for positions such as:

Marketing Specialist, Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Product Owner, Product Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Content Specialist, Performance Marketing Specialist.

We can support you in searching for candidates in the areas of: marketing research, marketing campaigns, marketing communication, direct marketing, trade marketing, internet and mobile marketing. Positions more related to graphic design are also familiar to us. We successfully recruit for positions such as Art Director and Graphic Designer.

What does the collaboration process look like?

You send us a message via "Contact" tab.

a. We talk about your needs and requirements, but we also share our best practices.

b. We set the terms of cooperation.

We arrange a conversation with the Hiring Manager. Usually, we need a little more information about technologies, the project and the team, in order to attract the best candidates.

We begin the search for candidates.

In the following months, you can count on our support. We are in touch with you and the candidate.

We celebrate our joint success because you have just scaled up your team with another specialist.

Always after 7 days of working on the process, you will receive detailed feedback from us.


  • What does the typical recruitment process look like?

    We begin with collecting the job requirements. Secondly, we prepare a communication plan with the candidates. Next, we begin an online and offline search for candidates. During the interview, our recruiter pays special attention to the candidate’s motivation to change jobs, acquired experience, technical and soft skills, matching with the team, financial expectations and availability. After such selection, the candidate’s CV is sent to the client and then the responsibility for the following stages of the recruitment process lies on their side. When both parties want to start cooperation, we control the course of signing the contract and provide advice in case of any questions or doubts (e.g. regarding the form of employment).

  • What methods do you have for assessing the candidates?

    The candidate’s first contact with the recruiter is via text messages and a 30/45-minute telephone or video call. During the interview, the recruiter pays special attention to the candidate’s motivation to change jobs, acquired experience, technical and soft skills, matching with the team, financial expectations and availability. After such selection, the candidate’s CV is sent to the client.

  • How do you search for marketing specialists?

    The most popular sources that we use in our search are the internal database, LinkedIn and job portals. We also rely on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Our standard process is to send detailed feedback after 7 days of work on a given vacancy – thanks to this, the client is kept informed about the progress of the whole process. Thanks to all these elements, the recruitment of marketing specialists is efficient.

  • Do you only carry out recruitment processes related to IT marketing?

    We carry out recruitment processes in the areas of IT, engineering, finance and marketing. We can explain everything during a free consultation (

  • Recruitment – marketing in IT – what information to provide?

    After sending a message to, we will have a short conversation during which we will ask you the most important questions. Later, we will need a job description to start recruiting activities.

  • Finding a marketing specialist – what are the costs of recruitment?

    The costs depend on factors that will be explained during a free consultation after sending a message with an inquiry to the “contact” tab (

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