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Prepare for the IT recruitment process in 2023 - IT job market in Poland

We analyzed data from over 156 000 job offers and a survey completed by 1018 IT specialists.

This report is for you if:

  • are responsible for the HR department
  • are responsible for the IT department
  • are considering building an IT team in Poland
  • work in the IT industry
  • are curious about the IT job market in Poland

    What information will you find in our report?

    • Salaries presented in job offers

    • Salaries received by experience

    • What are the expectations regarding the salary increase when changing jobs

    • Frequency and types of bonuses received

    • Who are the most sought-after IT specialists

    • What an optimal IT recruitment process should look like

    • The most desirable non-wage benefits in the IT industry

    • and much more!

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    About the report:

    Recruitment in the IT industry has never been an easy task and 2022 has shown us that the challenges can be even greater. We will remember the previous 12 months as full of emotions and uncertainty, but we believe that the situation will improve in the
    near future.
    We observe positive trends: more and more offers include visible salary ranges, most companies offer remote work, employers are better able to identify good candidates despite fewer recruitment stages.

    When preparing for a recruitment process, both as an employer and a candidate, it is worth reaching for specific information. And this was the thought that inspired us to create the 2nd edition of the report on the IT industry in Poland. This time we present data collected from 156 000 job offers and 1018 responses left in our survey.

    We wish you a pleasant reading and an effective implementation of the acquired knowledge. May 2023 be full of recruitment successes! 🙂

    Report IT job market in Poland

    Comments from IT experts:

    Report IT job market in Poland
    Dominik Jurek
    Chief Executive Officer

    As an IT recruitment agency, each year, we notice that Poland is becoming a more attractive destination for foreign investors looking to hire talented IT professionals. Apart from technical skills, they can also count on high foreign language proficiency – according to data from the report, 72% of respondents speak English at the B2/C1 level. Poland’s infrastructure is well-developed, and companies can take advantage of generous tax incentives and favorable government regulations. With all these benefits, investing in Poland is a great way to expand and grow a business.

    Report IT job market in Poland 2023
    Milena Miesiak
    Team Leader / Senior IT Recruitment Business Consultant

    Salaries in the IT industry are changing very dynamically. We see this primarily during daily communication with candidates, both during screening and making an offer. Rising inflation also contributes to increasing demands. Employers are trying to meet these expectations because, as our data showed, in 2022 every second employee received a raise. However, it is also worth remembering that IT specialists expect a salary increase when changing jobs by an average of 25%. For this reason, preparing a counteroffer and retaining an employee in the current company can be a big challenge.

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