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.NET is an abbreviation for .NET Framework, a software development platform designed in 2002 by Microsoft to enable the easy development of desktop and web applications. It supports many languages, editors, mobile devices, desktops and allows to create websites or even games.

It offers many capabilities, such as object-oriented programming (C#, Visual Basic), functional programming (F#), web application development (ASP.NET), or cloud-based activities on the Azure platform.

.NET has gained significant popularity over the past few years, becoming one of the most liked and desired framework in the world. Check the salaries of .NET Developers in our report about the IT job market in Poland.

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Regardless of whether you need one .NET Developer or you need to hire 50 developers specializing in various technologies such as: JavaScript, Angular, Python, PHP, Node.js or many others – we are able to meet the challenge.

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  • Recruitment Lead, Sylius

    “We greatly appreciate open communication, a transparent recruitment process and the acquisition of candidates. The cooperation is pleasant, concrete and, most importantly, brings great results. After many attempts we managed to find a reliable recruiting partner in Next Technology 🙂 “

  • HR Manager, Huawei

    “I have been working with Next Technology Professionals for two years. I highly value the quality of the work of its consultants. Even in the most demanding recruitment processes they are able to find suitable candidates within 1-2 weeks from the date we register the vacancy. ”

  • HR Manager, Aviva

    “(…) I am extremely positive about our cooperation to this day, both in terms of the substantive level, quality of the candidates presented and our daily business contacts. Candidates for all positions meet our expectations, they are very accurate, well thought out and well verified. What deserves attention is the fact that these are really very demanding projects (…) “

  • IT Director, Limango (grupa Otto)

    “It’s a pleasure to work with people from Next Technology Professionals. They show a good ability to listen and adapt their actions to the presented needs. The presented candidates fit very well into the profile of the people sought.”

  • Co-Founder, LeggUP

    “Next team was able to meet our needs, after presenting several candidates we were able to hire the right candidate in Wroclaw. The process lasted longer than we expected, but COVID and increased competition for remote workers definitely played a role. The Next team was able to understand our value proposition. I was proud to be represented by such a professional team.”

  • Chairman of the Board, Financial Risk Systems

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  • FAQ

    • Why should I hire .NET Developers in Poland?

      In the ranking conducted by Hackerrank, Poland is in the top 3 countries with the best programmers. As a result, this country is increasingly perceived as attractive in terms of finding talented IT specialists. When it comes to central Europe, Poland is definitely one of the most friendly locations where you can hire .NET Developers. Relatively low costs compared to rates in other parts of the world and a good location on the map of Europe are pros. Moreover, most of Polish IT specialists have no problem in communicating in English. As one of the top IT recruitment agencies in Poland we also help in hiring other IT specialists: Frontend Developers, QA Engineers, PHP Developers, Java Developers, Chief Technology Officers and many more.

    • I'm considering outsourcing .NET Developers in Poland. Any advice?

      We have successfully carried out IT outsourcing processes. You can check our case study about outsourced team for the Swiss Company. IT outsourcing helps you avoid the costs of hiring new full-time workers while giving you flexibility not available in other cooperation models. As an IT outsourcing company, we will help you to make the cooperation successful. The cooperation process begins with a conversation and establishing the terms of cooperation. Then we make an appointment with the Hiring Manager to provide us with information about technologies, project, team, etc. Then we start the search process. Always after 7 days of working on the process, you will receive detailed feedback from us. Contact us and we will provide you with the best solutions on outsourcing .NET Developers.

    • What are the costs of hiring .NET Developers?

      In our report about the IT Job Market in Poland, we provided information on what are the average minimum and maximum earnings offered depending on a skill of a .NET Developer. It’s 11 015 zł – 16 480 zł for a .NET technology. As an IT recruitment company, we work in a Success Fee model. For more information about this model of cooperation with an IT recruitment agency you can read our article “Behind the Scenes of an IT Recruitment Agency”. The best thing is to contact us and we can discuss everything individually.

    • I need to hire a .NET Developer ASAP. Are you able to help?

      Yes. We have our own database of 40k candidates. We are able to quickly find the most suitable .NET Developer for the position. We present the first candidates within 3-5 days after the start of cooperation. We use modern tools based on Big Data and AI and rely on our extensive experience (we have been operating in the market since 2015). Contact us to arrange more details.

    • Can you also help me in hiring other IT specialists?

      We can help you hire IT specialists who are professionals with a lot of technologies. For example: Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, C#, PHP, Typescript and more. Contact us for more information.