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Technology Professionals?

  • Do you want the most talented Polish IT Specialists to work for you?

    Effective recruitment process

    We have built R&D centers and global Shared Service Centers for the largest companies in the world. We are effective even when working under great pressure.

    Our case studies

    High-tech tools

    We rely on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We are fast, more efficient and effective thanks to the solutions used.

    Dedicated consultant

    Each recruitment process is coordinated by a 180 ° recruiter. The recruiter has a small number of other processes that he must simultaneously perform. Thanks to this, he has enough time to find the right candidate for you.

    Employer branding

    We are building a positive image of the employer. Knowledge of the nuances of the vacancy, the ability to answer difficult questions, as well as the quality of communication affects the perception of our client by the candidate.

    Recruitment process

    Are you planning to hire 100 people for the IT department within 6 months? Or maybe you only need one specialist, but “for yesterday”? We can help you – we will find suitable candidates for you. During the first week you will receive from us 2-3, and within two weeks 3-5 CVs of carefully selected and motivated IT experts.

    • Step 1

      Collecting job requirements

    • Step 2

      Preparation of a communication plan with candidates

    • Step 3

      Online and offline searching for candidates

    • Step 4

      Verification of technical and soft competences

    • Step 5

      Process coordination and mediation between the parties

    • Step 6

      Finalizing the terms of cooperation and starting work

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