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IT recruitment agency in Warsaw

IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland – Business Overview

It is hard to imagine the development of an IT industry without the appropriate IT specialists. Great interest in acquiring employees specialized in this area is visible not only abroad, but also in Poland. IT recruitment agencies are the best in finding people most suited to the position specified by the client.

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What particularly distinguishes these recruitment specialists is the fact that they know the IT job market very well. We have already written about the advantages and disadvantages of Using IT Recruitment Agency. However, the question that may arise is on what basis can you choose the best one in Poland?

How to find the best IT recruitment agency in Poland?

IT recruitment agencies in Poland - location

Why is Poland a good place for IT recruitment?

In the article, we will describe the reasons indicating that Poland is a country with great potential for the development of the IT industry. In addition to the good location shown in the graphic above, the fact that the employees of the IT recruitment agency and IT specialists speak very good English may be important. In our survey, it turned out that 72% of programmers believe that they use it at the B2/C1 level. Another important factor that distinguishes Poland from other countries are costs. Models of cooperation with the agency and remuneration of programmers are described in detail later in the article.

When analyzing the location, Warsaw has many advantages when it comes to IT recruitment. It is one of the most frequently chosen cities in the context of opening a business or choosing an IT recruitment agency in Poland. Business meetings and flights to this city are not a problem.

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We are an IT recruitment agency based in Warsaw (Poland). If you have any questions regarding IT recruitment, contracts (UoP or B2B) and other services related to the IT industry, you can contact us. If you are thinking about recruiting programmers in Poland, we will be happy to help you. We offer services such as:

IT recruitment services:

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The best IT recruitment agencies in Poland

Some time ago we prepared a list of top IT recruitment agencies in Poland. On its basis, a short review of IT recruitment services in Poland was created. We analyzed companies that recruit programmers by opinion, location and number of employees. What else could be important?

How to choose the best IT recruitment agency?

How to choose the best IT recruitment agency in Poland?

It is estimated that there are several thousand recruitment agencies in Poland. Deciding which one might be the best choice is not easy. In the beginning, it is worth taking a look at Clutch’s ranking. The fact that the agency is added there can already build trust. This page provides a list of the best companies. Their credibility is confirmed by recommendations from the existing clients.

Another way is to check up information about IT recruitment agencies on The Manifest website. Ranking of the Top IT recruiting firms in Poland can also provide valuable information about the best agencies. Besides that, it is also worth checking the company’s website by browsing subpages regarding recommendations from clients or candidates. Another important stage may be getting acquainted with the agency’s case studies. Facts over what processes they conducted and what recruiting strategies they used can give a good overview of how the processes assigned to them are actually carried out.

The last and most important point that can actually verify the IT recruitment firm is a telephone/video conversation. Visible commitment and the ability to answer questions may mean that we are dealing with professionals and this is the beginning of a successful cooperation.

Recruitment of IT specialists in Poland

Reasons to hire Polish Software Developers

Salaries of Polish IT specialists

IT specialists are currently in high demand and it seems like this upward trend will continue. Because of the competitiveness on the labor market and the job opportunities from both Polish and foreign companies, the range of their expected salaries is becoming higher compared to previous years. However, if we analyze salaries in other countries such as Great Britain, Germany or the USA, their salary costs are relatively low. You can read more about the salaries of specific IT specialists in our report about the IT job market in Poland.

Annual salary of Software Developers

The table above presents data from Glassdoor on December 14, 2022, taking into account the dollar exchange rate from that day. In the case of Poland, the average annual earnings from Payscale are presented here. Regardless of the sources, it can be seen that Polish programmers earn on average much less per year than, for example, software developers from the USA, according to data from 2022 – $ 95,439 (Glassdoor).

Some of the IT recruitment agencies prepare salary reports

Some of the IT recruitment agencies in Poland publish reports on the IT labor market. Thanks to this, recruitment decisions can be made based on reliable data. According to our report, in 2023 the most sought-after IT specialists were Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, Frontend Developer, DevOps Engineer, Fullstack Developer, Mobile Developer, Data Scientist and Backend Developer. Complete data for each IT specialist and level of experience, broken down by offered and received salaries, can be found in the full version of the report, which we have prepared in 2024.

Providing the best services in the context of recruitment of programmers is much more efficient when we can rely on real data created by an IT recruitment agency in Poland.

The most sought-after IT specialists and their salaries 2024

You can read more about the salaries of specific IT specialists in our report on the IT labor market in Poland.

In Poland there are programmers with high IT skills and a high level of English

It is worth underlining the fact that in the ranking conducted by Hackerrank, Poland is in the top 3 countries with the best programmers. As a result, this country is increasingly perceived as attractive in terms of finding talented IT specialists. When it comes to central Europe, Poland is definitely one of the most friendly locations. Relatively low costs compared to rates in other parts of the world and a good location on the map of Europe are its significant advantages. Moreover, it is also worth adding that Polish IT specialists have no problem in communicating in English. According to the EF English Proficiency Index data, Poles are in 16th place on the list of countries with the best English proficiency.

Case study of IT recruitment agency

Polish IT recruitment agencies know the Polish IT market best

Many years of experience and a direct contact with clients and candidates, means that knowledge about the IT market is constantly expanded. Recruiters often take part in training courses on technologies. Thanks to this, the process of interviewing the candidate and verifying their competencies is conducted based on up-to-date information. In February 2024, we published a report that may also provide valuable information about the IT market. In addition to salaries, technology and noticeable trends, it describes issues related to the employee benefits preferred by Polish IT specialists. One of the chapters of the report presents data showing what the ideal recruitment process looks like according to employees in the IT sector.

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IT recruitment agencies provide a guarantee

Good IT recruitment agencies try to make the client sure that working with them was a good choice even after the recruitment process was completed. This can be done by offering a guarantee. This means that if either side changes its mind and wants to resign, the agency will restart the recruitment process for free in order to find another suited IT candidate. It’s worth adding that not all IT recruitment agencies in Poland offer such an option. In conclusion, it is always worth carefully checking the terms of the contract.

Locations of IT recruitment agencies in Poland

Locations of IT recruitment agencies in Poland

To learn about all the possibilities and advantages of IT recruitment in Poland, we have created separate articles about the most important information regarding IT recruitment in some of the largest Polish cities. Check out our articles about IT recruitment in Warsaw, Wrocław and Krakow!

The cities considered as the most attractive in terms of location for business in Poland are Warsaw, Krakow and Wrocław. Most of the IT recruitment firms at the top of the Clutch ranking are located in these cities. In addition, foreign and Polish companies, whose activities are related to modern technologies, also have their headquarters in these places. What is more, in these cities there are universities that educate future IT specialists. Every year there is a huge pull of graduates who are ready to start working in IT. Moreover, when you decide to choose an IT recruitment agency in Poland, it is worth considering the possible distance from the company’s headquarters to the airport. In the case of these 3 cities, it won’t be a problem. To sum up, choosing an IT recruitment agency in Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw might be a good option. The same principle can be applied when it comes to IT outsourcing in Poland.

IT recruitment firms in Warsaw

We have created a ranking of IT recruitment agencies in Poland. Thanks to it, you will find out more about what factors are worth considering when deciding to cooperate with a recruitment company in the context of looking for IT specialists.

Models of cooperation with the Polish IT recruitment agency

Models of cooperation with Polish IT recruitment agency

The 3 most popular models of cooperation with an IT recruitment agency:

  • Success fee model – it is based mainly on paying the agency 100% at the end of the recruitment process. To sum up, prepayment is not required in this model. The time when an invoice is issued is usually on the first day of his work or when the candidate signs the contract.
  • Mixed model (Semi-retainer) – in this model, the amount of prepayment is around 10-40% of the project value. The remaining amount is paid by the client when the project is finished.
  • Retainer model – usually divided into 3 (sometimes 4) installments. The salary is paid to the agency after the completion of stages such as: starting the recruitment process, presenting the candidates and closing the process.

What model of cooperation with an IT recruitment company is worth choosing?

Before starting the recruitment process, you should always define the budget and the estimated time for closing the vacancy. It often turns out that the time needed to find the right candidate on your own significantly exceeds the initial assumptions. Cooperation with an IT recruitment agency can ensure the smooth filling of a position, even in a few days. Recruiters working in the agency have the appropriate knowledge and recruitment strategy that enable them to quickly find the most suited candidate for the position. Furthermore, cooperation with the agency guarantees the fastest possible recruitment process, which will be financially more beneficial for the company than in the case of searching for a candidate on your own. For more advice and information on these models of cooperation, read the article „Behind the Scenes of an IT Recruitment Agency”.

Case study IT recruitment

Which IT recruitment agency to choose?

In conclusion, to decide which IT recruitment agency to choose, it is worth checking its profile on portals such as Clutch or the Manifest. Case studies and recommendations that are most often available on the website also prove credibility. Furthermore, the agency’s profile on LinkedIn can give you an insight into the agency’s current activities, and it will also allow you to get to know the company better “from the inside”. Ultimately, the best form of verification is to send a message or get a free consultation. By asking questions directly, we can get the most information that will allow us to make the best decision.