IT Outsourcing: Poland or Ukraine — Which Country Should You Choose?

Poland and Ukraine are two popular destinations chosen by Western companies looking for software developers. If you wonder which country can offer you more — this article may be helpful. You will find here all-important differences and find out where it is worth outsourcing IT services. 

This time we reverse the order and intentionally share the infographic with the key data that you will get out of this article at the beginning. Keep on reading to get to know all the details and be sure that you will make the right decision!

Why should you consider IT outsourcing?

Before we compare developers from Poland to developers from Ukraine, let’s answer the question: Why outsourcing is a good solution for your business? Here are the most important reasons.

5 key benefits of IT outsourcing

  1. Cost optimization —  the first and most important benefit of IT outsourcing is, of course, saving money. By hiring programmers from countries such as Poland or Ukraine, you can save a lot, as their salaries are usually lower than in Western European countries or the USA. Moreover, it also saves money spent on recruitment.
  2. Time saving — finding the right IT professionals is a real challenge today, especially if you are looking for people with very specific skills. When you choose to outsource, you will receive perfectly matched specialists, and your HR department will not waste their time on unsuccessful recruitments.
  3. High level of IT skills — outsourcing increases your chances of working with top-class developers. And their skills and professionalism have a significant impact on your business growth.
  4. Increased efficiency — finding the right IT professionals is the biggest problem your company is currently facing? Outsourcing will allow you to solve this problem and focus on your core business processes
  5. Access to a wide talent pool  — according to the research Solving the UK Skills Shortage – Technology, more than 70% of British technology employers are experiencing IT skills shortages. Moreover, The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the shortage of developers in the US will exceed 1.2M by 2026. So, what can you do to avoid staff shortages? Yes, you are right — the answer is outsourcing.

Poland or Ukraine — where should you outsource your IT services?

Geographical and cultural proximity

The advantage of Poland over Ukraine is both its greater geographical and cultural proximity to Western countries. Poles have been working in an international environment for years. Polish companies often implement western work culture, and even they use English in their everyday work.

According to Poland 2025: Europe’s new growth engine, Poland is the fastest-growing economy in post-crisis Europe. Therefore, many international tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook are keen to open their offices there.

Moreover, there is no denying that Poland is closer and more connected to Western countries, so if you needed to organise a live meeting, it would be much easier and faster to go to Poland than Ukraine. It is worth mentioning that thanks to Poland’s geographical proximity, there is less or even no time difference.

Language skills

Another issue you need to consider when choosing an IT outsourcing partner is English language skills. As you know, communication is a very important aspect of working in a software development team, and any misunderstandings would be very costly. So, what are the English skills of Poles and Ukrainians? 

According to the List of countries by English-speaking population published by Wikipedia, 37% of Poles speak English, and it is the first foreign language learned in this country. When it comes to Ukraine, the figure is much lower at just 18%.

Another important source of English skills is the EF English Proficiency Index, which shows that Poland ranks 16th globally and Ukraine 44th.

Talent pool

As we mentioned above, the demand for programmers is vast and will continue to increase. So, if you choose your IT outsourcing partner, you should analyse the talent pool they can offer. Did you know that in Central and Eastern Europe there are just over 1 million software developers? 

Wondering which country has the most of them? According to the Stack Overflow report, as many as 24% of them (about 254.000) are based in Poland. As for Ukrainians, the number is much smaller at 166.500, which is about 16% of the entire group.

Deciding to outsource IT services in Poland, you have a better chance of finding suitable candidates perfectly matched to your company’s current business needs.

Skill level

The last but significant point we would like to compare is the programming skill level in these countries. As you probably know, the technical expertise of the developers you work with can have a huge impact on your business’s efficiency, continued success, and competitive advantage.

For years, the best source for testing coding skills has been a popular HackerRank ranking: the Programming Olympics.

According to their data, Poles are in 3rd place among the world’s best software developers. What about Ukraine? Specialists from this country are in 11th place.


As an entrepreneur, you are indeed interested in comparing the labour costs of developers from Ukraine and Poland. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a Software Developer in Ukraine is around $12,800 per year. The same source reports that the average developer rate of a software developer in Poland is approximately $30,500 per year. 

While the difference may seem significant, by comparison, the annual salary of a UK programmer is about $55,000, and in Germany $68,000. As you can see, whether you choose to outsource in Poland or Ukraine, you will save a lot of money related to hiring employees.

Summary: Poland vs Ukraine — IT services comparison

Both Poland and Ukraine have masses of experienced and highly skilled programmers to offer. However, when analysing the most critical issues, such as the level of programming skills and English language knowledge, Poland seems to be the best direction for IT outsourcing.

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