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IT recruitment in Poland – How much does cooperation with agency cost?

Recruitment of IT specialists plays a key role in building stable and effective teams in the IT industry. However, this might be a challenge and finding the right candidate can be time-consuming and expensive. In response to these difficulties, recruitment agencies provide solutions, by being a connector between employers and job seekers.

What are the advantages of using the services of recruitment agencies and what do the different cooperation models look like? What should you pay attention to when deciding to cooperate with a recruitment agency in the IT industry? We encourage you to read the article.

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We are Next Technology Professionals – a recruitment and outsourcing agency. We specialize in recruitment in the IT area and in categories such as marketing, engineering, finance and high-level positions.

We put professionalism and satisfactory results first. We carefully review the client’s expectations and requirements. Then, thanks to our advanced tools and internal strategy, we find the most suitable candidates.

If you are planning a recruitment process and want to talk to us about potential cooperation – we invite you to a free consultation. We’ll be glad to help you!

What are the models of cooperation with recruitment agencies?

The process of cooperation with Next Technology Professionals

The 3 most frequently chosen models of cooperation

Success Fee model

The Success fee model does not require any prepayment. It involves paying the full amount to the agency only after the recruitment process is completed. The invoice is usually issued when the candidate signs the contract or starts the first day of work.

Main features of the success fee model

The main features of this model are:

  • No upfront fees, 
  • Payment for results, 
  • Motivation for being effective. We issue an invoice only when the candidate arrives at the company.

Mixed model (Semi-retainer)

The mixed model usually requires an advancement of around 10-40% of the project value. The remaining amount is paid by the client upon completion of the project.

Retainer model

This model often involves dividing the advance into 3 or 4 installments. The agency’s payment is paid only after completing the following stages, such as: starting the recruitment process, presenting candidates and completing the process.

Why do customers mostly choose the Success Fee model?

The Success fee model is considered the most popular because it benefits both sides, the agency and the client.

Why do customers mostly choose the Success Fee model?

Thanks to Success Fee, the financial risk incurred by the employer is minimized, because the full fee is paid only after the contract is closed, and the recruitment agency is highly motivated to provide the highest quality of service. This model is primarily based on trust and a guarantee of completing the order, which contributes to successful cooperation.

You do not pay us anything if we do not find the employee you are looking for.

What are the costs of cooperation with a recruitment agency?

It is difficult to clearly determine how much it costs to cooperate with a recruitment agency. The final price depends on many factors, such as: the range of services offered by the agency, details of the recruitment project, the level of difficulty in finding suitable candidates, job market conditions in a given industry and the location where the talent search is carried out.

Typically, standard costs start from 12% of the candidate’s first annual salary. However, in the case of high-level or difficult-to-fill positions, it may reach up to 30%.

Where do the costs of cooperation with a recruitment agency come from?

To find out exactly where the costs of cooperation with a recruitment agency come from, please read our other article “What are the Typical Fees of Recruitment Agencies in Poland?“.

We present some of them in the graphics below. Even though the costs of recruitment agencies can be high, for many companies they are an investment that transforms into hiring the right employees. Thinking about the long term perspective, it brings significant savings and benefits.

Cooperation with Polish IT recruitment agency

How to choose the best recruitment agency to cooperate with?

Why is Next Technology Professionals a better choice than other recruitment agencies?

Macro results with Next Technology

What makes us unique and different from other recruitment agencies? In brief, we can introduce micro changes leading to macro results, with better quality of services.

Fast action: a dedicated consultant starts working within 24 hours of confirming the order.

Unique candidates.

Specialist knowledge: activities are based on research and reports on the IT job market in Poland.

About Next Technoogy - IT Recruitment agency

Personalized solutions: recruitment adapted to the unique needs of the company.

Comprehensive assessment: we check the technical skills, motivation and soft qualities of candidates.

Feedback and support: giving regular feedback and support, customer-oriented communication.

Industry knowledge: actively following trends and news in the industry, sharing information in the newsletter.

Next Technology Professionals is a motivated and understanding team seeking to improve the level of services. The best way to find out about this is during a free consultation. We will tell you some more and answer all your questions!

We will help you find and hire the best employee.