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Trends in HR for 2024 - from recruitment agency in Poland

New trends and situations at work – a guide for HR

We can count on many new things regarding HR trends and changes in the approach to work. Along with market, economic and social changes, employees also change. Therefore, it is worth keeping your finger on the pulse and staying up to date with the trends that are currently leading in 2024 in the field of various concepts related to work & HR. In this article we will discuss 7 new trends:

  1. Quiet Quitting,
  2. #QuitTok,
  3. Quiet Hiring,
  4. Lazy girl job,
  5. Bare minimum Mondays
  6. Quiet ambition
  7. #glasscliff.

Find out about each of them in the article below!

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7 new trends worth knowing

New trends in approach to work

1. Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting may sound confusing at first. It is not a complete resignation from work, as the name might suggest, but limiting your work activities to an absolute minimum. Popular especially among Generation Z, because this approach is primarily intended to represent a break from taking on additional activities at work, arriving earlier and staying after hours if it is not necessary. The concept was created by an American recruiter, Bryan Creely, who posted material about quiet quitting on TikTok and YouTube platforms.

2. #QuitTok

It means the employee decides to quit his current job and record this moment and publish it on TikTok. Popular among Generation Z. All this may be an expression of dissatisfaction with the current job not due to capriciousness, but to draw attention to the toxic work culture and to demonstrate one’s values, which are a safe and healthy work environment. Employees are ready to climb the career ladder – but only in the right company that also shares these values.

3. Quiet Hiring

Quiet Hiring is a strategy chosen by HR departments that aims to quickly find suitable employees with the necessary skills for part-time work. This phenomenon can be compared to a company employing employees on a temporary basis. Quiet Hiring can take place from outside and inside the organization. New talents are acquired externally to fill temporary staff shortages in the company, while internal Quiet Hiring refers to the temporary engagement of current employees as part of new job positions or new projects. The problem is that under Quiet Hiring, employees may be asked to take on additional responsibilities without appropriate compensation or promotion.

4. Lazy girl job

Another trend started on TikTok by tiktoker Gabrielle Judge. Despite its controversial name, this phenomenon does not indicate the laziness of girls at work, but rather the well-balanced work-life balance 😉 This trend was created to show not only Generation Z, but also Generation X and Y, that work does not have to be the most important value. It can also be a place where it’s not about stress and high salaries, but about comfort and time for your passions and hobbies.

5. Bare minimum Mondays

Bare minimum Mondays is a trend created on TikTok that aims to relax employees before starting a new work week. This trend assumes that the stress and psychological discomfort that an employee may feel on Sunday can be minimized by using the bare minimum Monday technique. An employee using BMM, as the name suggests, does the absolute minimum on Mondays to be able to mentally prepare for potential challenges and relax his brain without burdening it with additional stress on the first day, thus reducing the risk of burnout.

6. Quiet ambition

This trend can be explained as employees redirecting their ambitions to goals related to their personal lives, instead of focusing on climbing the ladder of promotion and professional success. This may indicate that people now care more about happiness and well-being than about professional development. The reason for this trend may be people’s greater commitment to mental health and work-life balance.

7. Glass Cliff

This trend was started in 2004 by Michelle Ryan and Alex Haslam from the University of Exeter, but it is still current. This phenomenon mainly affects women in organizations – despite breaking through the glass ceiling, they often encounter difficulties after being promoted. They sometimes have to prove that they truly deserve their position. The concept of “glass cliff” mainly refers to situations in which women and other minority groups are promoted to leadership positions during periods of crisis or increased risk, which is associated with a greater likelihood of professional failure (falling from a glass cliff).

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