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What Makes a Good Recruitment Agency?

Finding the candidate that fits the job description in the IT industry can be a great challenge. Very often the demand for the position is larger than the presence of candidates on the labor market. In order to identify the right IT specialists, employers can reach out to a recruitment agency, which is an intermediary between a company that wants to hire someone and a job seeker who is looking for employment. 

In this article, we’re describing 5 points that prove that the given recruitment agency can be considered good.

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Extensive portfolio

To make sure that the recruitment agency is credible, it is worth checking its portfolio. How? You can visit the website and read the available case studies, which should describe the challenges that the agency has overcome, the implemented processes and the effects of their work. The number of described projects can indicate if the company has broad experience.

Clients’ referrals in the B2B environment are the most reliable source of information about the company, and they help to build the service provider’s trustworthiness. It’s a positive sign if the opinions about the cooperation with the agency are also stated on its website (and of course the quotes cannot be anonymous).

Additionally, you can check the recommendations of clients on Clutch, as all of the opinions are verified to minimize the risk of scammed reviews.

Skilled recruiters

As we all know, the recruitment agency cannot function without the people who actively search for the candidates. Recruiters from a trustworthy HR agency have extensive experience in the industry that they operate in. This means that they follow the trends, can predict how the demand for specific specializations will develop in the near future and what to do in order to improve the recruitment processes. 

In the IT industry, it’s crucial to be aware of the specific hard and soft skills which a candidate should have and know how to test those skills. The greater the understanding and knowledge of the industry and the position, the bigger the chances of the candidate being matched to the IT job offer in the best possible way.

To verify the expertise of the recruiters it’s best to check their LinkedIn profiles – maybe they have listed the vacancies that they’ve managed to fill out in the past or have some certificates that prove their skills. Of course, in the next stages of the cooperation, you will be able to verify if the actions of the recruiters match what is stated on their profiles.

Individual approach

The best recruitment companies treat both their clients and candidates individually. The employees of the agency, based on the information obtained from the client, should not only create a tailor-made recruitment plan but also offer terms of cooperation that will take into account their specific expectations and needs.

A reliable consultant should also be expected to stay in constant contact. Not answering phone calls, not responding to e-mails or not providing feedback, may indicate that they treat candidates in a similarly nonchalant manner.

Advanced recruitment tools

As tech has advanced, the number of tools in a recruiter’s toolbox has ballooned. Doing Boolean search? Sure. Using job posting sites? Of course. However, reputable recruitment agencies do not rest on their laurels using once-developed methods of operation, but constantly strive to improve their techniques and strategies. They do not shy away from investing in new recruitment tools that help in automating and streamlining the process of hiring.

If the recruitment agency works with an advanced Application Tracking Systems (ATS) or has LinkedIn Premium accounts that is already a very good sign of the professional approach. The recruiting team probably does not need every available recruiting tool in the digital workplace, but leveraging tools to their fullest capability can separate innovative recruiters from average ones.

Replacement guarantee

The best-case scenario is when a chosen candidate stays with the client’s company for a long period of time. However, it happens that candidates accept a job but resign shortly afterward, e.g. during the probation period. Therefore, the replacement guarantee, which means that the agency has to recruit a replacement candidate at its own cost, is a proof of a reliable company.

There is no legal requirement for recruitment agreements to contain replacement guarantees. However, it can help to stand out among other agencies and helps in earning the trust of potential clients who know that the agency is fully committed to finding the right talents.

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