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How To Hire a Java Developer? A Comprehensive Guide for Employers and HR Managers

Java Developers have been some of the most in-demand employees in the market for years. If you are planning to hire a person for this position, this article may be helpful. Here you will find all the most essential information about responsibilities, salaries, expectations and ways to find a qualified Java professional.

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Who is a Java Developer?

As the name suggests, Java Developer is a person who specializes in programming in Java – the second of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world.

best known programming languages from 2018-2020

Even though it is a very mature language (it was created in 1995), it is still actively developed, updated (Java 18 General availability began on March 22, 2022) and supported by the most prominent technology giants. Today Java is still the 5th most popular technology according to Stack Overflow. What is more, the 2022 IT community survey shows that in Poland Java is the main technology in the work on the backend.

According to a report conducted by Nofluffjobs, this language took the first place in 2021 as the most frequently emerging language in the technical requirements. To sum up, Java has been at the forefront of the list of skills sought by Hiring Managers, as confirmed by the results of the HackerRank Developers Skills Report 2020:

what programming languages skills to look for when hiring developers

What is the secret to Java’s popularity despite the years? First of all, Java originated as an open-source project available to everyone. What’s more, it is very flexible, and you can use it to make a wide variety of applications and software systems. Moreover, it can be run on many devices. Typically, it is used for backend services, but it also works great for mobile application development because all Android apps are written in Java. It is used by giant corporations, as well as individual users who create applications purely as a hobby.

Java — popular use cases

Due to the great versatility of this language, Java will work well for creating almost any application or program. It can be used for developing:

  • banking systems
  • insurance apps
  • stock exchange systems
  • mobile applications
  • social media platforms
  • chatbots
  • cloud applications

Java’s popularity is also proven by the fact that well-known services such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Uber, Airbnb or Linkedin were created using this technology.

Depending on the company’s needs, Java Developer programs selected software using the Java language and related frameworks and libraries. Some of the “must-have” Java technology stacks include:

  • Hibernate – to implement the database access layer
  • Spring – to application development
  • Maven / Gradle – to build and manage dependencies on other Java libraries
  • Lombok – to faster writing
  • JUnit – to prepare unit tests of applications

The benefits of Java

  • The support from the huge developer community is a definite advantage for new Java programmers
  • It’s an object-oriented programming language that allows you to create reusable code
  • Java Is a Platform-Independent Language and follows the feature of WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere)
  • Java Provides Automatic Garbage Collection (the JVM automatically manages the memory)

Java Developer — responsibilities

The responsibilities of a Java Developer also depend on the requirements and needs of the company they work for. The most popular tasks for this position usually include:

  • Programming, implementing and maintaining Java software
  • Writing clean and efficient code
  • Contributing to the development lifecycle
  • Taking care of high availability and performance of created solutions
  • Working with product owners, technical leads and Agile team
  • Meetings with the software development team and clients
  • Taking part in software analysis, testing, and debugging
  • Ensuring designs comply with specifications
  • Preparing releases of software components
  • Creating system documentation

Java Developer — salary

Due to the high demand for these professionals, Java Developers are some of the highest-earning programmers in the world. Their salaries depend on their years of experience and the country in which they are employed. Below we have prepared a comparison of earnings in a few selected countries based on 2022 data from Glassdoor:

CountryAverage salary (per year)Salary in EUR
United States$106,407 99,31 EUR
United Kingdom£52,69361,81 EUR
Germany€62,04662,046 EUR
SwedenSEK 560,78453,58 EUR
NorwayNOK 785,83777,85 EUR
SwitzerlandCHF 115,463112,50 EUR
PolandPLN 191,41241,79 EUR

The salary of a Java Developer in Poland

In the table below you can see the java developers’ earnings that were compiled in our IT job market report. If you are considering hiring Java Developers in Poland, the division of the salaries by type of contract may be useful. More about types of contracts can be found in our article: Hiring Polish Software Developers: Everything You Need to Know About the Types of Cooperation Agreements in Poland.

Java the salary in Poland 2022

3 ways to hire Java Developer in your company

Finding a qualified Java Developer can be more complicated than you think. It’s usually not enough to add a job listing to the “Careers” page on a company’s website and wait for applications. So, what can you do to have a Java Developer in your team? Here are five tips that can help:

1. Write a job offer tailored to your candidate’s needs

A good job ad is your business card and often the first contact with a candidate. Therefore, you should write it in a way that will interest him and encourage him to work in your team. How to do it? First of all, respect your candidate’s time. Software developers don’t want to waste their time and expect to find all specific information in the ad. You should include information about salary, tech stack, possible forms of cooperation, equipment, used tools, project, team, and everything important from the candidate’s perspective. You can ask programmers from your team what information is crucial for them or publish an ad on the job board for the IT industry that has tailored ads for the candidate.

2. Search for developers in the right places

​​Contrary to what you may think, LinkedIn may not be the best place to find an IT professional. If you are concerned about finding a qualified developer, you need to find other sources as well. These can be Java-related topic forums, but also GitHub or StackOverflow. In these services, you will find profiles of software developers, which can give you more information than their LinkedIn or even CV. How is this possible? For example, on GitHub, developers like to share their projects, so you will assess the quality of their work and whether they are involved in the Java community. You can also add job offers on specific groups on Facebook. Some of the most popular ones in Poland are: IT Jobs in Poland, Praca zdalna IT, and Praca szuka specjalistów z branży IT.

Team of Java Developers for Sizmek (currently Amazon)

3. Consider IT outsourcing

Want to find a Java Developer as soon as possible? The solution may be to use the services of an outsourcing company.

Remember, outsourcing is not just project outsourcing which involves outsourcing the entire project to an external team. You can choose another form, such as staff augmentation, managed team or body leasing. For more information about them check the article: Various IT Outsourcing Models: How to Choose the Best One For Your Business? When deciding on outsourcing, you should consider the earnings of Java Developers in different countries. By choosing Eastern European countries, such as Poland, you can hire qualified specialists much cheaper than, for example, in the UK, Norway or Switzerland. 

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