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Centrum R&D – co to i dlaczego warto je otworzyć w Polsce

R&D Center – What Is It and Why Is It Worth Opening in Poland?

Poland is a beautiful country famous for its delicious food, the cold but charming Baltic Sea, as well as unique mountain landscapes. There is one “but” … we are not a travel blog to bore you with texts about the tourist attractions of our country 😉. We operate in the IT industry, which is doing very well in Poland.

That is why in this article we will focus on the strengths of Poland, but specifically on why it is worth conducting research and development activities here.

Find out what R&D centers are and how they work, and check the reasons why launching them in Poland is a really good idea!

Warsaw - IT industry, R&D centers

R&D center – what is it?

R&D (Research and Development) center, as the name suggests, is an organization aimed at conducting research and development of selected areas of science (including technology).

The role of this type of units is to provide ongoing support to national innovation systems. On the one hand, they may relate to work on existing projects (including their improvement and development). On the other hand, they can cover completely new fields – thus creating some innovations from scratch.

R&D center – where is it needed?

The activity of R&D centers is used in many sectors that demand more and more modern, advanced and efficient technology. For this reason, the largest group of R&D recipients includes, for example, production companies.

In this matter, R&D centers may be responsible for accelerating processes, their automation, limiting the consumption of raw materials, and even activities for environmental protection.

Research and development center and reasons to launch it in Poland

To obtain the status of a research and development (R&D) center, a decision of the competent minister is necessary. It is not easy, but when it does happen, these kinds of individuals get a lot of very favorable privileges. The key ones that prove that it is worth launching an R&D center in Poland include:

Financial support and preferential conditions for settlements

Poland is a very hospitable country – also if we take into account the scope of the support offered. Research and development centers can count on numerous tax exemptions (including, for example, real estate, agricultural and even forestry exemptions), as well as a number of subsidies and the possibility of participating in other aid programs.

A significant advantage of running this type of business in Poland is also the possibility of deducting up to 150% of costs related to revenue. This translates into significant savings resulting from tax liabilities.

Research units may also gain access to additional financial support, which enables research and development work.

A “weak PLN” that works to the advantage of foreign entities

Although the unfavorable ratio of the value of the Polish zloty to foreign currencies is not the best prognosis for domestic entrepreneurs who operate and work mainly for recipients from Poland – it is quite different for foreign companies.

Unlimited access to talents from Poland

Technological development requires money, but most of all people who have vision, skills and a constant thirst for knowledge. That is why another reason why launching an R&D center in Poland is a good idea is a staff. Our country is an excellent source of qualified and committed Polish specialists. It is worth remembering that locating an R&D center here is one of the easiest ways to acquire talents appreciated all over the world.

Broadening horizons for better, more fruitful and profitable cooperation

Having such a status also opens the door to cooperation with numerous companies for research and development centers. Such units enjoy the respect and interest of, among others, such industries as: medicine and pharmacy, engineering, energy, as well as the broadly understood area of ​​production.

What R&D centers already operate in Poland?

R&D centers in Poland - map

Currently, the number of enterprises that have obtained the status of research and development centers is constantly growing. This group includes companies from the medical, energy, manufacturing, mining, as well as IT and engineering industries. Companies with an R&D center in Poland include, for example:

  • Samsung
  • Ericsson
  • Bytedance
  • ABB
  • Google
  • Siemens
  • Whirlpool
  • Astra Zeneca Pharma Poland
  • Motorola
  • Delphi Automotive
  • Intel
  • Roche
  • Capgemini
  • Nokia-Siemens
  • 3M

Which specialists from the IT industry most often get employed in R&D centers?

Among the people working in this type of units there are also software developers. Depending on the industry, type of research, and technology used – individual research and development centers cooperate with specialists skilled in Java, Python, C++, PHP and many others.

Is Poland a good destination in the context of R&D centers?

Poland attracts foreign investors who set up their R&D centers here. The country is chosen for its skilled workforce, competitive labor costs and good business conditions.

Polish R&D centers often focus on specialized areas such as robotics, biotechnology, electronics, as well as artificial intelligence and many other areas. If you are looking for an IT specialist in Poland for R&D centers, it is worth using the support of an IT recruitment agency. We conduct processes in IT recruitment in Warsaw, Krakow and throughout Poland. We have published a report on the IT market n 2023 and we are happy to help you find the best talents for work.

Do you want to know more about IT recruitment in Poland?

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