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How To Hire & Manage Ruby On Rails Developers?

In 2022 there is a number of emerging technologies, frameworks, and languages used in software development projects. One of them is Ruby on Rails. What exactly is Ruby on Rails, what are the skills of a good RoR developer and how can you increase your chances to hire a great specialist? That’s what you’ll learn in this article.

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What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is a web application implemented in the Ruby programming language. The language is considered a general-purpose one and dynamic, and it’s a choice of many companies thanks to its safety, cost-efficiency, simplicity, flexibility in introducing modifications, and ability to develop functional and attractive e-commerce sites.

According to the Stackoverflow 2021 report, Ruby on Rails was ranked as the 13th most popular framework. 7.89% of developers announced that they are working on or want to start using this technology.
What’s more, the demand for Ruby on Rails developers continues to grow. Fortunately, due to the fact that it is a popular programming language, the talent pool is also quite large, and there are many talented candidates and hiring opportunities to choose from.

Skills of Ruby on Rails developer

Ruby on Rails developer is a programmer who is fluent in Ruby language and its frameworks and works with them on a regular basis. They typically have a good knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies and database structure and are involved in the entire application development cycle. They are also engaged in designing interfaces and front-end layers with a focus on UI/UX.

A good Ruby on Rails developer should also perform a specific set of skills. They can be divided into hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills are:

  • a good understanding of web development frameworks (RoR and others, such as Python, C#, PHP), MVC architecture, cloud storage, databases (SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL), and API,
  • knowledge of front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript),
  • testing skills and knowledge of automated testing tools and frameworks,
  • ability to write the technical specifications,
  • solving at least typical security issues.

Soft skills are:

  • teamwork and cooperation skills,
  • good communication with clients and ability to explain technical terms in simple language,
  • analytical thinking,
  • good work organization and independence,
  • management, leadership, and problem-solving skills (especially for senior developers),
  • willingness to learn and develop their skills.

Ruby on Rails developer salary

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Ruby on Rails developer in the United States is $103.363 per year. The average annual salary is $81.749, excluding benefits (bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, and tips) reaching $21.615 per year.
To compare, the average salary in Poland as an example of a Central-European country is 159 691 PLN (approx $35.000). The additional bonus is around 6324 PLN (approx $1400). Junior developers earn 111 639 PLN (approx $24.500) on average, while senior developers make 198 416 PLN (approx $43.500). This is why it’s worth considering extending your search and hiring developers from remote locations.

According to our report “Prepare for the IT Recruitment Process in 2022” the average salaries of programmers are as follows:


  • Average minimum salary: 13,759 PLN
  • Average maximum salary: 19,152 PLN

Contract of employment:

  • Average minimum salary: 10,759 PLN
  • Average maximum salary: 15,584 PLN

Contract of the mandate:

  • Average minimum salary: 7,674 PLN
  • Average maximum salary: 12,218 PLN

Commission contract:

  • Average minimum salary: 7,747 PLN
  • Average maximum salary: 11,085 PLN
IT job market in Poland

How to hire a Ruby on Rails developer?

So how to find a good Ruby on Rails developer for your project? There are three basic alternatives that you can choose from: 

  • Hiring a freelancer
  • In-house employment
  • Outsourcing

All of them have their benefits, but drawbacks as well. For example, freelancing provides you with less control over the project and the way it is completed and requires more trust and a lot of time spent searching for the right candidate across a number of freelancing platforms. Also, freelancers typically don’t have the capacity and resources to handle very complex, long-term projects.

In-house hiring is the most traditional, but also the most expensive option as well as a long-term commitment and responsibility. Recruitment, team building, and employee training typically consume a lot of resources and don’t provide businesses with big flexibility. This is why in-house hire is not the most efficient choice for minor or short-term projects.

Outsourcing is definitely the best option. It provides you with a guarantee of quality, as it’s an experienced partner who verifies candidates and takes care of all the paperwork and legal issues related to employment and training. Outsourcing also means big flexibility with the option for short-term or temporary hires without monthly overhead, which leads to significant cost reduction. Thanks to remote work, you have the possibility to hire skilled, cost-efficient specialists from all over the world, and possess a wide range of skills that will contribute to your project anytime you would need to extend your team.

According to HackerRank, Poland ranks 3rd on the list of countries with the best programmers. They constitute a very large and involved community in Poland.
On the Internet, you can find many groups and developers focusing on topics related to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. These include groups such as:

Are sites and developers like:

If you’re currently searching for a talented Ruby on Rails developer, feel free to contact us. We have access to a large talent pool in Poland and other Central European Countries and can provide you with experienced and qualified candidates ready to contribute to your project.