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Best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for Modern Recruiting

What is ATS?

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a system that significantly helps to improve recruitment processes. Thanks to it, the recruiter can save a lot of time and have better possibilities of managing the conducted processes. These systems can also greatly improve the candidate’s experience from participation in the recruitment process. What’s more, task automation, which is a popular feature in many ATS systems, means that a person looking for candidates for a specific position spends much less time on administrative work.

The results of a survey conducted by eRecruiter underline the fact that the facilities offered by such applications are difficult to replace. 84% of respondents declared that losing access to the ATS system would be a big loss for them. These results confirm that ATS is a valuable tool that is worth using.

Now you can see that many ATS systems are associated with technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, this recruitment support software is constantly improved. As a result, there are a lot of interesting ATS systems available, so in this article, we will present you with a list of the most popular ones.

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What are the benefits of using ATS?

  • The amount of time a recruiter needs to find a person for a required position is significantly reduced. The functions of the system allow you to find the most important information faster.
  • ATS allows you to generate automatic reports. Thanks to this the work of the recruiter is significantly improved.
  • Most ATS systems allow you to search for candidates in various sources, e.g. via social media or job portals.
  • ATS helps in managing the stages of recruitment and organization connected to candidates participating in individual processes.
  • Thanks to the modern and trend-oriented UI interface, contact with candidates or decision-makers (Hiring Managers) is much easier. All information is intuitively separated.
  • Significant simplifications in the matter of the General Data Protection Regulation. Thanks to ATS the collection, management or deletion of consents and personal data of candidates is much easier.
  • Possibility to create your templates or messages.

ATS systems help with monitoring recruitment KPIs

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is an indicator that allows you to measure the results of recruitment processes and thanks to conclusions significantly improve them. It allows you to estimate the time needed for recruitment and analyze the issue of costs, the effectiveness of the recruitment process, the level of candidate satisfaction, compare the number of submitted or accepted offers and much more. ATS systems make monitoring KPIs easier. Thanks to this, it is possible to reach key conclusions faster and introduce changes that are beneficial for a company.

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The best ATS systems for 2022

How to choose the best ATS? It all depends on the preferences and needs of the company. However, it is worth noting that a clear interface that provides a good user experience and the possibility of customization for the user is on the must-have list of this type of e-recruitment systems. Another thing that can be useful to check is support from customer service and whether tutorials or Q&A are provided. The ability to quickly contact support and learn how to use this type of software may be an important possibility when we start using the new ATS. Furthermore, online or cloud-based availability and safe data storage should also be a standard. Another important thing is access to the history of the recruitment process and detailed activities related to it,

Below is a list of ATS systems that are worth testing:

ATS Traffit


Traffit is a recruitment system that can be a great support in the context of finding the most suitable candidates and managing information about the recruitment process. It allows you to create a database of applicants from many sources, e.g. e-mails, social media, advertisements, recommendations, etc. and then allows you to use this database in future recruitments. This ATS system also provides the possibility of creating notes, creating a career page, a CRM module and many integrations. For example, Traffit allows for integration with your own HR systems and tools such as Slack, Google Mail & Calendar, LinkedIn, Zapier, OLX, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook 365, SMSAPI.

Pricing: Lite (€115), Pro (€480), Elite (€720)

ATS hrlink


The great advantage of the Hrlink recruitment system is its integrity with over 40 job advertising portals (paid and free). This ATS system allows for multiposting of job offers, includes an employee recommendation module and enables the creation of a “career” website. The option of sending automatic messages and creating reports is also guaranteed.

Pricing: Lite (99 zł), Premium (499 zł or more)

Elevato ATS


Elevato is an ATS system that has integration with platforms such as OLX, Jooble, Indeed, Fachpraca or Adzuna. This recruitment software allows you to send automated messages and SMS reminders and has many other useful functions like intuitive tagging. Elevato offers integration with Google Suite, Microsoft 365 and Calendly. The other interesting functionality is the possibility to conduct a video call directly from the panel.

Pricing: Lite (99 zł), Pro (469 zł or more)

ATS Element


Element uses artificial intelligence that helps with improving recruitment processes.

Thanks to this, the recruiter saves a lot of time when searching and selecting the most suitable candidates for a given position. An interesting feature is Job Monit, which provides information on the labor market. Another functionality that is worth underlining is the ability for ATS to create questions that are automatically scored in the system. This solution helps recruiters with the preselection of candidates. The element allows you to search for the most suited people for the job on portals such as Linkedin, Stack Overflow and Github.
Pricing: more information about the price after sending the message


Appmanager supports the management of ongoing recruitment processes. Its functionality allows the system to be integrated with the “Career” tab on the website. Moreover, this recruitment software enables advanced filtering and ongoing analysis of the effects. It has integration with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.

Pricing: Standard (299 zł), Business (599 zł), Pro ( 899 zł), Enterprise (more information about the price after sending the message)

ATS eRecruiter


eRecruiter supports the user in the recruitment process thanks to the possibility of quick publication on websites such as,,, and This ATS system also offers a career page builder, employee referral module, an extensive filtering module and reports. Its advantage is also the fact that it has a mobile application that allows you to use many functions intuitively, wherever you are.
Pricing: more information about the price after sending the message

ATS Workable


Workable has a feature called AI Recruiter, which based on the job description, searches for candidates and presents a list of the most suitable ones. The possibility of using tools connected to artificial intelligence may seem like interesting support for recruiters. This e-recruitment system has already been used by 20,000 companies, and it helped with the employment of over a million people in 100 countries. Examples of customers who used this ATS system include Forbes, Ryanair and Moodle.

Pricing: Standard ($279), Premier ($659), Paygo ($129)

ATS Lever


Lever offers an ATS system that is connected to CRM. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to prioritize metrics. Consequently, it makes managing the recruitment process an easy task. Lever works with popular HCMs such as Workday, Oracle HCM, UKG Pro, SAP, SuccessFactors and others. Organizations that use this software include Spotify, Netflix and Prolific, KPMG.

Pricing: more information about the price after sending the message

ATS Recruitee


Recruitee is an ATS system that offers an intuitive multiposting option. It also has a feature that allows you to send automated messages, where you can set the date and time. This e-recruiting system gives you access to over 1,450 free and paid job sites. There is a Recruitee mobile app available that can make the process even easier by arranging a recruiting appointment over the phone.
Pricing: Launch (€199), Scale (€349), Lead (more information about the price after sending the message)

ATS greenhouse


Greenhouse offers functionalities such as CRM, recruitment analysis and onboarding. In a survey conducted by Recruiting Brainfood, you can see that this ATS is the most positively rated by respondents. The recruitment solutions proposed by Greenhouse were used by companies such as Invision, HubSpot, Booking, Squarespace and Wayfair. It is also possible to use the mobile application with which you can send information to the candidate and have access to reports or prepare meetings.

Pricing: Essential, Advanced, Expert (more information about the price after sending the message)

ATS Recruitify


Recruitify is another ATS system that uses artificial intelligence to find the most suitable candidates. It offers automated tools and an extensive CRM module. This e-recruiting system integrates with Google Calendar, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Calendar and LinkedIn.

Pricing: Freelancer (199 zł), HR Department (249 zł), Recruitment Agency (299 zł), Enterprise

Which ATS to choose?

It is best to test different e-recruiting systems before deciding on purchasing one. Most of the ATS systems mentioned in this article offer the possibility to try them for free. To sum up, it is best to check whether the available functions of a particular ATS meet the needs of our company.

If you have never used the ATS system before, you can be sure that it will be a step towards many positive changes and better organization of work. Overall, it turns complex and time-consuming pieces of work into simpler tasks. As an IT recruitment agency, we know that ATS systems are important tools for improving recruitment processes. However, an individual approach to the client and candidate, as well as IT job market reports are also important elements that make the process of finding the right person for the position successful. You can contact us if you need any help with finding the best IT specialists.