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Rekrutacja programistów we Wrocławiu

IT recruitment in Wrocław – services of Polish IT recruitment agency

IT recruitment in Wrocław is gaining momentum, mainly due to the rapid technological development in this region. This city attracts new investors by offering attractive jobs in the IT sector. The dynamic development of technological infrastructure and an innovative approach to business make Wrocław more and more inviting for IT specialists from both Poland and other countries.

The increase in the number of companies from the IT sector in Wrocław means that the city offers many professional development opportunities for programmers and IT specialists. Thanks to the dynamically developing technological ecosystem, Wrocław is becoming a place where you can develop professionally and implement ambitious projects.

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Willngness to change a job in Wrocław and IT recruitment

Using Linkedin, we checked the statistics regarding the “Open to Work” option among Wrocław’s IT specialists. On May 21, 2024, 35% of IT specialists on Linkedin had this declaration enabled (for comparison, in Warsaw, 31% of IT specialists indicated openness to changing jobs). It is worth remembering that not every candidate for an IT job has a Linkedin account, so these data are only an approximation of the situation.

Job offers in the IT industry in Wrocław

10 cities with the largest number of job offers - report 2024 IT job market Next Technology Professionals

According to the data included in our report for 2023, Wrocław was third in terms of the number of job offers addressed to IT specialists. This significant place confirms that Wrocław is still an important player on the map of the IT industry in Poland.

IT technology companies in Wrocław

IT technology companies in Wrocław

Wrocław also boasts a variety of technology companies that open their doors to new employees from the IT industry. Here are a few of them:

  • Google
  • Nokia Solutions and Networks
  • EPAM Systems
  • IBM
  • Allegro
  • GlobalLogic
  • Capgemini
  • HCL Technologies
  • Luxoft

The presence of companies of various international origins enables cooperation with a wide spectrum of cultures and nationalities, which contributes to the enormous development of IT competences at the international level. This type of experience has a significant impact on the development of programmers’ skills.

Salaries of IT specialists and other useful data for recruitment

Average salary offered and received depending on seniority level - report 2024 IT job market Next Technology Professionals

Our latest report for 2023 showed that the maximum salary ranges in job advertisements for IT specialists were: for Trainees 5,377 PLN, for Juniors 9,533 PLN, for Mids 19,740 PLN, for Seniors 27,930 PLN and for Experts 30,049 PLN.

In our report, we also collected information on IT salaries for specific technologies. Based on the collected data, it appears that a Frontend Developer employed under a B2B contract can expect an average salary ranging from 8,123 PLN to 30,100 PLN, and under a Contract of Employment, the average salary ranges between 6,900 PLN and 25,000 PLN.

Want to see salary data for other technologies such as Mobile Developer, DevOps Engineer or QA Engineer? Download our report or read our article on this topic.

IT recruitment in Wrocław – what does the cooperation process look like?

The process of cooperation with Next Technology Professionals

Despite difficulties in the IT industry and the changing situation on the labor market in 2024, the demand for programmers and IT experts in Wrocław is still high.

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