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How to Hire React Developers for Your Team?

Hiring developers has become truly challenging – not only in niche technologies but also major ones, such as JavaScript and its frameworks. How to hire a great and talented React developer for your team and what are the best solutions and tips to follow?

Best known languages

What is React?

JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language, and React is one of its most popular frameworks. It’s an open-source JavaScript library typically used in projects involving web and interface development. As an efficient tool for single-page development that requires frequent updates, it is utilized by market giants such as Facebook or Instagram.

Due to its efficiency and contribution to solving various technical problems, many businesses choose to React over other technologies as their major programming language. This is why they regularly hire React developers and they are in constant demand.

React - the most commonly used web framework

Who is a React developer?

React developer is technically a JavaScript developer fluent in using React framework. They typically implement components and features that are important from the user’s perspective, so the front-end layer and interfaces. 

Daily tasks and responsibilities of React developers might vary depending on the project, specifics of the industry, seniority, and working methodology. However, typical tasks are:

  • Developing responsive, interactive, and dynamic websites and their user-facing features,
  • Close cooperation with UI designers and ensuring a smooth and undisturbed experience of browsing the website,
  • Testing and debugging the created software,
  • Contacting the client and taking care of smooth communication, implementation, and better business understanding.
React - the most wanted framework by Developers

Skills of React developers

Before you even start searching for a React developer, there are a few things that you should be aware of. The principal technologies and skills that are required from specialists handling this position are not only the knowledge of React library but also JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, meaning major technologies used in web development. There are also different levels of seniority in this position, and the requirements in the recruitment process may vary.

However, there are also different levels of seniority in this position, and they might have some different requirements, skills, and abilities that are important in the recruitment process.

  • Junior React Developer
    The least experienced candidates are usually required to have 1-1,5 years of commercial experience. They are expected to already know and understand the basics of React, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and be able to complete tasks under supervision. A good (or at least intermediate) command of spoken and written English will be a plus.
  • Mid React Developer
    Middle developers have at least 2 years of experience, are more independent, and perform a better understanding of front-end development technologies. They should be already fluent in JavaScript and more experienced in UI design. Speaking intermediate or higher level of English is also required. Knowledge of the basic principles of Node.js and PHP will be a plus.
  • Senior React Developer

Senior developers typically have over 5 years of commercial experience. They have a very good understanding of React.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, and UI, as well as different front-end environments and possibly other JavaScript frameworks. They should also have at least upper-intermediate or advanced command of English.

React developer – salary

What is the salary of React developer? According to Glassdoor, the median total pay for a React Developer in the United States is $93,174 per year, with $85,616 being a salary, and approx $7,557 as additional pay including bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing. 

As a comparison, the salaries quietly differ depending on the location, with Central Europe as an example. In Poland, the average salary for React developers is approx PLN142,968 (€31,175) – PLN 206,520 (€45,033) annually, so the difference is significant.

CountryAverage salary (per year)Salary in EUR
United States$93,17489,53 EUR
United Kingdom£48,47355,06 EUR
Germany€51 83551 835 EUR
NorwayNOK 598 05057,85 EUR
PolandPLN 142,968 – PLN 206,52031,175 EUR – 45,033 EUR

(Exchange rate of November 15, 2022)

The salary of a React Developer in Poland

In the table below you can see the React Developers earnings that were compiled in our IT job market report. If you are considering hiring Java programmers in Poland, an article in which we explain the most common contracts in the context of hiring programmers may be useful.

React developer - salary in Poland 2022

How to hire React Developers?

There are a few options to choose from while hiring React developers:

  • In-house,
  • Freelancing,
  • Outsourcing.

The choice depends on the organization’s individual needs, goals and structure. In-house hire provides a lot of independence but also struggles with internal recruitment, training, and team building. Freelancing is a great choice for temporary projects, however, hiring freelancers also requires searching for specialists and verifying their skills. Outsourcing seems to be the golden mean, as it provides companies with top specialists without the need to pay for costly recruitment, training, and verifying candidates. With a good outsourcing partner, you can also obtain top specialists working remotely and benefit from CEE salaries.

If you wish to try outsourcing and hire top React developers for your project, feel free to contact us. As an experienced outsourcing partner, we provide you with qualified specialists or well-composed project teams.