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IT recruitment and IT outsourcing in Poland

Report: The Rise of Poland’s IT Sector. IT recruitment in 2023

An Emerging Europe report reveals that Poland ranks among the top three most competitive markets for the IT industry in Central and Eastern Europe. It secured the third position, following Estonia and Lithuania, showcasing its competitiveness across various categories. The country excelled in education and employee preparation, receiving top honors in that classification.

Poland - competetive market for the IT industry

Currently, Poland’s IT sector employs over half a million individuals, and its exports in this industry amount to nearly EUR 10 billion, accounting for 1.7 percent of the country’s GDP. 

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Poland is a “regional leader” in IT

The IT industry and education system of Poland have garnered recognition from a London-based consultancy, positioning the country as a frontrunner in the region in terms of IT.

The report highlights the increasing role of the IT sector in the economies of Central and Eastern Europe, with Poland leading the way in the region due to its strong performance in the IT and education sectors.

English language skills

It is also worth paying attention to good English language skills. Other data from 2022 show that Poland currently ranks 13th out of 111 countries. Moreover, according to available statistics, 90% of Polish programmers know English very well. In addition, our report shows that 55% of the surveyed programmers use English as the main language used at work.

IT outsourcing in Poland

Moreover, Poland is recognized as the second most attractive market globally for outsourcing IT services, according to a GBS World ranking. What is more, according to Gartner data, it is predicted that in 2023 IT outsourcing will be the fastest-growing area related to software development.

IT outsourcing is a business strategy that involves hiring an external person or company to outsource certain tasks. The main benefit of this solution, which makes this service much more cost-effective than creating an in-house IT department from scratch, is of course saving money.

Why is it worth choosing Poland for IT outsourcing?

Reasons to hire Polish Software Developers

In recent years, the Polish ICT sector has emerged as one of the rapidly expanding industries in Europe. Qualities such as creativity, project experience, soft skills, proficiency in multiple programming languages, and commitment are highly sought after in IT industry recruits. Candidates from Poland often have these qualities at an impressive level.

Microsoft, Google invest billions in Polish IT industry

The IT industry in Poland has attracted significant investments from major tech companies like Microsoft and Google, who have announced billion-dollar investments in recent years. 

Microsoft launches the first cloud data center in Central and Eastern Europe in Poland: Azure Poland Central

What is more,  last year in March, Google unveiled its intention to invest 2.7 billion  PLN (EUR 590 million) in the development of a Warsaw-based office complex known as Warsaw Hub, designed to accommodate 2,500 employees.

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Startups in Poland

The presence of a thriving startup ecosystem, combined with the availability of venture capital funding and government support programs, has positioned Poland as a prominent destination for startups, contributing to its reputation as a leading location for entrepreneurial ventures. Read an article about Polish Startups that Conquer the World to find out more.

IT companies based in Poland

The FinTech industry is also worth exploring, as Polish banks have been receiving prestigious awards and global recognition for the innovative solutions and products they introduce to the market. Similarly, the MedTech industry has seen numerous successes with life-changing products that greatly impact people’s lives.

How much do programmers earn in Poland?

In the table above you will see the average salary offered and received in Poland.

Average salary for a programmer in Poland

The highest earnings according to the data collected from job advertisements could be counted on by programmers who work with: Kubernetes (maximum salary range is 27,212  PLN), Amazon Web Services (maximum salary range is 27,590 PLN), Big Data (maximum salary range is 26,681 PLN). In addition, the three programming languages that are the most frequently featured in the job advertisements are JavaScript (19%), Python (17%) and Java (17%).

If you want to see more data on the Polish IT labor market, download our free 2023 report that we have developed.

It job market in Poland 2023

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