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12 najciekawszych wydarzeń HR i IT w 2023 roku

12 Most Interesting HR and IT Events in 2023

The last few years have been really special. New challenges have shown that in a situation of sudden changes, the ability to react quickly turns out to be crucial. It all forced us to be flexible in business, employment planning and talent development management. New factors and difficult events will affect the present and future of the labor market.

What awaits us? Will 2023 allow us to get back on our feet and keep jobs? The future is in doubt. It is worth keeping your finger on the pulse, developing knowledge in the area of HR and following the prevailing trends. This will allow you to anticipate potential difficulties, take advantage of opportunities, develop competencies and find inspiration for further action.

Below we present 12 of the most interesting and one of the biggest events that you can’t miss!

HR event

HR events in 2023

1. “HR Solutions and Perspectives” Conference

"HR Solutions and Perspectives" Conference

Already in January (25.01.2023) you have the opportunity to take part in the tenth edition of the unique conference for HR specialists entitled “HR solutions and perspectives”, organized by Wolters Kluwer Polska. The conference is dedicated to development in the era of VUCA. It will cover topics such as:

  • Ways to effectively reach potential passive candidates.
  • Techniques and tools supporting sourcing and recruitment marketing.
  • Building HR processes that support the experience of candidates and employees.
  • Building a supportive work environment.
  • Building engaged teams in remote and hybrid reality.

Registration and more information about the event can be found here.

2. Congress HR „Praca 4.0”

Congress HR „Praca 4.0”

Also in January (30.01.2023) the HR Congress “Work 4.0” begins. The event will take place in a stationary form in the center of Warsaw. Then the organizers invite you to a series of four part-time meetings.

The aim of the program is to provide participants with knowledge about the main changes and key challenges in the labor market, as well as to present current initiatives both in the country and the entire European Union. The organizers want to find answers to a number of questions bothering employers:

  • In what direction is the labor market headed?
  • Where can we look for new candidates?
  • How do technologies support the HR industry?
  • How to effectively improve qualifications and skills in companies?
  • How to prepare for legislative changes in 2023?

The first workshop called “People in the Organization”, which will take place on January 31, opens a series of four online meetings. The second day (February 1) will be held under the slogan “Technologies in HR”. Then you will be able to develop your knowledge of labor law (2.02.) and TBC (3.02.). More details, workshop schedule and information about previous editions of the congress can be found on the event website.

3. ROC Day


ROC Day in 2022 took place as many as 5 times (events took place in Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk x2 and Wrocław). Already at the beginning of March, the Recruitment Open Community will meet in Krakow to conduct inspiring discussions and exchange knowledge in the area of recruitment in the form of an anti-conference.

Next Technology Professionals at Roc Day

Date details will be available on the event’s website.

4. Recruitment Days

Recruitment Days

The seventh edition of the Recruitment Days conference will take place in Warsaw on 19-20.04.2023. The event is dedicated primarily to Recruitment Directors, HR Managers, Recruitment Specialists, HR Business Partners and Headhunters. Its organization is guided by the idea of building and deepening knowledge in the field of the recruitment process.

The main topics covered during the conference will be:

  • Changing the role of the recruiter.
  • Recruitment process and “candidate experience” in the era of digitization.
  • Global technology trends supporting recruitment.
  • Tailor-made, optimal recruitment process.

Registration can be done on the conference’s website.

5. Congress HR

Congress HR

The sixth HR Congress will be held on 17.05.2023 in Katowice. The organizers of the meeting provide:

  • Getting to know the opinion of the best experts and practitioners in the industry.
  • Getting to know current trends, good practices, ready-made tips and innovative strategies.
  • Possibility of networking and exchange of experience in the field of HR with other participants.

More information about the congress will be available soon at:

6. Global Leadership Summit 

Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit is a conference dedicated to team leaders. According to the creators, it is the largest conference in the world where topics related to leadership are discussed. The event covers as many as 135 countries.

The Polish edition of the event is planned in Cracow on November 17-18, 2023. The organizers encourage leaders who are not afraid of change, follow their values at work, and are curious about the world and people to take part in the event. During the meeting on stage, you will see world-renowned experts and practitioners, whose descriptions can be found on the website dedicated to the event.

IT events in 2023

IT events 2023

1. Warszawskie Dni Informatyki

Warszawskie Dni Informatyki

Warsaw IT Days is an event lasting 2 days. Here you can learn about trends in the IT industry, as well as solutions and technologies worthy of attention. The meeting is accompanied by various competitions and each participant receives a certificate of participation at the end. Certainly, the great advantage of this event from the candidate’s point of view is the IT job fair, where you can make contact with future employers. The official date of the event is 31.03 – 01.04.2023.

2. ACE!Conf 2023

ACE!Conf 2023

This conference will take place in Krakow on May 18 – 19, 2023. It is distinguished by dividing it into 2 paths: Building Software Better and Building Better Products. Therefore, it is a place where you can gain great knowledge and inspiration in topics related to Agile Software Development and Product Design & Management. The event also includes networking sessions and Open Space panels. The cost of participation in the event is around EUR 300 (the price increases by 10 euro for every 10 tickets sold, so it is worth checking the website).

3. Infoshare


This event is open to everyone. It is a conference focused on practical aspects, not just theory. It is a meeting place for technology enthusiasts and exchange of experiences. Thanks to substantive speeches given by experts, a startup contest and many networking opportunities, it gathers thousands of participants every year. To check the price of tickets, it is worth checking the main page of the event.

4. Devoxx Poland

Devoxx Poland

It is one of the largest Java conferences in the country. It is distinguished by the fact that it is organized by developers for developers. During the event, you can make new contacts and, of course, draw a lot of valuable technological knowledge and inspiration. Devoxx Poland 2023 will be held in Krakow on May 31 – June 2, 2023. The new pool of tickets will be available from January 3, 2023. The number of tickets at the current price will be very limited (probably 200).

5. Lambda Days

Lambda Days

Lambda Days is a two-day conference that brings together experts and enthusiasts of the technology industry and languages, such as e.g. Scala, Erlang, Haskell, F#, Elixir and many others. The program of the event is very diverse and is accompanied by lectures by well-known experts, therefore people from the IT industry from around the world are interested in this event. In 2023 Lambda Days will take place on 05 – 06.06.2023 in Krakow.

6. Web Summit

Web Summit

Web Summit is considered the most important technology conference in the world. It is even referred to as “where the future goes to be born”. The event is organized in Portugal, in Lisbon. If you are thinking about participating in an event that will inspire you to solutions related to challenges in the IT industry, this is the perfect place.

IT recruitment agency in Poland

We know from experience that nothing can inspire as much as participation in events. Conversations with other industry experts can lead to very interesting conclusions and then decisions. The IT industry is so dynamic that in order to be up to date with it, it is worth trying to participate in at least some of the events we have mentioned.

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