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Americans hire Polish software developers

Offshore Software Outsourcing: Why Americans Hire Polish Software Developers?

Do you have any trouble finding software developers for your company? We don’t have good information. All research and predictions suggest that the shortage of programmers will continue to grow. But we’re not writing this article to worry you. On the contrary, we come to you with a solution that will solve your IT staff shortage problem once and for all!

What is offshoring?

You’ve probably heard about outsourcing. This solution can bring many profits to your business, as we have written in a separate article: Top 10 benefits of IT outsourcing.

But what does offshoring mean? In short, offshoring is a type of outsourcing that involves delegating some or all of the work on a selected project to a company from another geographically distant country to reduce costs and speed up the work. In the case of the United States, it could be Asian destinations such as India or China and European countries such as Ukraine or Poland.

it outsourcing in poland case study

American companies with offices in Poland

Poland attracts investments from the most prominent technology giants globally, and many American companies decided to expand their Polish branches. Here are some examples:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Motorola
  • IBM
  • Intel 
  • Dell
  • Box

Why should you consider hiring Polish Software Developers?

Filling the staffing gap

You know that today’s companies are having trouble finding programmers, but do you know what numbers we’re talking about? According to CNBC data from November 2019, there are about 920,000 unfilled IT positions in the US. Let’s be honest – Polish employees will not fill the entire gap (today, there are over 295,000 software developers in Poland). However, if you decide to outsource your software development services, the problem of staff shortage will no longer concern you. Finding the best specialists for your project will be on the side of the company you decide to cooperate with.

Well-educated and skilled employees

Ok, you already know that outsourcing is probably a solution that can help your business. But why should you hire programmers from Poland?

Well, have you ever seen an international ranking of the best software developers in the world? If not, just look at the results of the Programming Olympics conducted by HackerRank.  According to this data, Polish software developers are the 3rd most skilled in the world

In addition, compared to other countries, Polish software developers are well-educated. Today as many as 39% of Polish citizens aged between 25 and 34 have university degrees. This country has many well-respected universities, such as Warsaw University of Technology, Jagiellonian University, or the University of Gdańsk.

Cost savings

One of the most important reasons for outsourcing is to save money. And what does it look like when hiring software developers from Poland? 

According to data from the three trusted and international sources – Glassdoor, PayScale and SalaryExpert, the national average salary for a Polish Software Developer is around $30,000 per year. By comparison, the earnings of U.S. programmers are about $92,000 per year.  

As you can see, the differences here are big, but the savings aren’t over yet. It’s also worth considering the cost of non-salary benefits, office maintenance, and other costs you’d incur if you hired employees permanently from the United States.

Good communication

If you are still wondering whether programmers from Poland are a better choice than developers from India or China, this factor may be crucial. As you surely know, communication plays a very important role in IT projects. According to Wikipedia’s List of countries by English-speaking population, 37% of Poles speak English. Compared to other popular outsourcing destinations, it is only 0.9% in China, 14.18% in India and 18% in Ukraine.

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To sum up, if you care not only about savings, but also about good communication and working with  highly skilled programmers, Poland is a perfect destination for IT outsourcing.

IT outsourcing in Poland

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