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Pros and Cons of Using IT Recruitment Agency

Pros and Cons of Using IT Recruitment Agency

Finding candidates in the IT industry is not the easiest task. Furthermore, there is a great demand for such specialists in the labor market. For example, the number of job offers addressed to backend specialists in 2021 increased up to 160% compared to 2020. As a result, reaching such a specific group of people and carrying out a proper recruitment process can be a challenge. You might think that adding a job offer on job portals may be enough, but we guarantee that the topic of finding unique IT specialists is not so simple without an appropriate strategy.

We know from our experience that sometimes you may need to contact more than 500 people to be able to present 2-5 good CVs to a client. Besides that, the most suitable candidates for the position often have to be reached through non-obvious routes, and this is what good polish IT recruitment agencies specialize in. You can learn more about the process itself in the article about Polish IT recruitment agencies. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation with an IT recruitment agency? 

In this article you will find:

  • The advantages of establishing cooperation with an IT recruitment agency in Poland
  • What makes the IT recruitment agency to call it trustworthy and good?
  • What challenges may arise if we decide to use services of an IT recruitment agency?

Pros of Using IT Recruitment Agency

Pros of Using IT Recruitment Agency

Saving time

IT recruitment agencies have professional recruiters who are experienced in finding IT specialists. Therefore, they know how to significantly reduce the time needed to search for them. This process consists of many important steps. You need to choose the best resumes and arrange interviews with matching candidates.

Furthermore, thanks to the experience gained, the recruiter can quickly assess whether the candidate is well suited to the requirements presented by the client or if the search needs to be continued. It is important to know in how many recruitment processes the candidate is involved in and whether he is seriously considering taking part in the whole process. 

After that, a meeting with the Hiring Manager of the client’s company is organized. Thanks to the work of a recruitment agency, employees from the HR department do not have to spend time looking for the most suitable candidates who meet their expectations on their own.

The accurate process confirmed by results

Reliable IT recruitment firms inform the client about the progress of the process. Thanks to this, the company always knows about what is happening at the moment. Furthermore, the company is always informed about the stages of the whole process and can properly plan activities in the calendar.

Data, such as the number of resumes sent, compared to the candidates invited for an interview, and how much time was required between the start of the process and the employment of the candidate are constantly measured. As a result, you can be relieved because you always have access to detailed statistics. All of this is complemented by constant telephone and e-mail contact. Therefore, we know that the process of recruiting a candidate for a job is proceeding as it should.

Cooperation full of trust and commitment

In a good IT recruitment agency, you can see a commitment in informing the client about the progress. Recruiters also closely monitor contacts with candidates to be sure of their intention and willingness about changing a job. The work experience gained by recruiters makes them good advisers on the IT job market. What is more, very often, even in the form of free consultations, they can provide valuable advice that can improve the recruitment process in the client’s company. The best IT recruitment firms publish reports, expert articles, e-books and from time to time organize webinars. All these forms allow you to gain knowledge about important insights regarding the IT industry. The conclusions may turn out to be very valuable in the context of the recruitment of IT specialists.

Replacement guarantee

What if the candidate found by the IT recruitment agency is hired by the client, but decides to resign after a short time? Reliable IT recruitment firms in Poland give a replacement guarantee, which means that the agency has to hire a substitute candidate at its own expense. Such additional security shows that the agency is very committed and cares about providing the best recruitment services and completing a process that may have failed for reasons beyond the agency’s control. 

There is no formal requirement for agencies to always provide a guarantee. Therefore, it is worth discussing terms of cooperation. Next Technology Professionals provides a 3-month guarantee. You can read more about it in the article describing what makes IT recruitment companies good?

Recruiters have experience and knowledge of the IT market

Recruiters from well-specialized agencies often take part in training courses on IT technologies. Their knowledge is constantly updated, which improves the process of interviews with candidates. Furthermore, recruiters are also specialists in estimating soft skills and finding trustworthy and dedicated people, who will be also suited to the culture of the company. In addition, IT recruitment agencies have a list of candidates in their database. In the case of Next Technology Professionals, this number is over 40,000. 

Cons of working with an IT recruitment agency

Cons of Using IT Recruitment Agency

Is the price worth it?

The fee charged by the recruitment agency mostly depends on the salary of an IT specialist that is sought-after. Generally, these costs vary from 15% to 20% of the first annual salary of the candidate. If we are looking for a very high-leveled specialist, this amount can be even around 30%. However, this money is an important investment as we quickly find the best matching candidate in a short matter of time.

Attempts to recruit without the help of an agency may take a long time. Moreover, it may turn out that you will spend more money without using this kind of service because, for example, a scheduled project can’t start without employees with the required skills. As a result, time is running out and costs are increasing. To avoid this kind of situation it is worth considering using the services of specialists. The most popular models of cooperation with an IT recruitment agency are Success Fee Model, Mixed Model, or Retainer Model. You can read more about cooperation models in the article showing how the Polish IT recruitment agency works.

The first impression of your company depends on how the agency presents it to candidates

The wrong IT recruitment agency may present your company, career, opportunities, and business goals in a way that is unattractive to potential candidates. When you are considering which recruitment agency to choose, you should pay special attention to Employer Branding efforts. Often, the first telephone conversation already reveals whether we are dealing with competent professionals who will take care of a good impression of your company. To avoid potential problems, it is worth checking the opinions and recommendations of previous clients of the IT recruitment agency. In this context, the brief that the client delivers to the recruiter is also important. Sharing relevant information regarding the job description, project and the organization itself is crucial for the recruiter in the context of providing reliable information to candidates.

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Is it worth using the services of a polish IT recruitment agency?

Pros and Cons of Using IT Recruitment Agency

You have to answer this question yourself. The IT industry keeps growing, so without the help of recruiters who constantly monitor issues related to the acquisition of candidates, the process carried out by yourself may turn out to be a huge challenge. Poland is often chosen as an attractive location for IT companies. Furthermore, prestigious universities, the number of people with higher education and a good location on the map of Europe make it an attractive place for business development.

If you consider finding good candidates without wasting a lot of time, this is the perfect solution to start cooperation with an IT recruitment firm in Poland.

Choosing an IT recruitment agency in Poland, whose team keeps you informed about the progress of work and sends candidates referred to as “the best of the best”, does not have to be a challenge – contact us to find out yourself.