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IT recruitment Poland, Warsaw

IT recruitment in Poland – Warsaw is an important city

Over recent years, Warsaw has become one of the leaders in the European market in terms of technological development and talent management of IT specialists. The dynamic development of the IT sector, high work standards and continuous improvement of technological infrastructure have contributed to the increase in the attractiveness of job offers in Warsaw for IT specialists from both Poland and other parts of the world. We are observing an increasing interest in cooperation with companies from Warsaw among qualified IT experts from various countries, including those from outside the EU.

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In this article, we will take a closer look at data on job offers in the IT industry in Warsaw, the recruitment process of programmers and IT experts, as well as other aspects related to the development of the IT industry in the capital and Poland.

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Job offers in the IT industry in Warsaw

10 cities with the largest number of job offers for IT specialists - Next Technology report 2024

Our latest report shows that Warsaw dominated in 2023 in terms of the number of available job offers for IT specialists. The capital of Poland offers a number of different job offers for every level of seniority – from Trainees and Juniors to Seniors and Experts. It is also worth mentioning that Warsaw is also famous for a number of self-development opportunities, so in addition to valuable job offers, you can also count on IT industry events, training centers and many other knowledge-enhancing events.

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Warsaw – recruitment of programmers and IT experts

According to data from the “State of Warsaw IT” report, published in 2021, Warsaw had a database of approximately 70,000 IT specialists who were willingly employed by enterprises in the capital, Poland and around the world. It was estimated then that each year local universities put out nearly 5,000 graduates in the field of ICT and data analysis, strengthening their position as a leader among Polish cities. It is worth noting that the capital also has a significant ability to attract talents from other regions, which only shows the attractiveness of local universities. Currently, universities in Warsaw offering IT courses also continue to enjoy interest – the University of Warsaw in particular is moving up in the rankings.

University of Warsaw number 1 in ranking, QS World University Rankings 2023

Hiring a specialist to work in the IT industry

The passion for technology that can be seen in Warsaw influences constant technological innovation. However, it is worth paying attention to the importance of this location. Do programmers want to always work from the office, or maybe remote work is more important to them? Below we present some data on this topic that we collected from our report.

The current and optimal number of remote work days per week for IT specialists - Next Technology Professionals report 2024

Among respondents to the online survey, as many as 67% of surveyed programmers work remotely full-time, even though only 55% of IT specialists prefer this form of cooperation. There is an increase in interest in hybrid work among this group. However, it was the possibility of remote work that was indicated by 78% of people as the most preferred non-wage benefit. We also noted that compared to 2022, more people are ready to change their employer if they receive an interesting job offer.

Due to the growing demand for experts in this field, flexibility in the approach to work (remote or hybrid) is becoming more and more important. Attractive earnings in the IT industry (find out more about IT earnings for 2024 in the article), benefits and professional development opportunities are key to finding and hiring the best IT experts for work.

Salary of Polish Software Developers in 2023

Average salary offered and received depending on seniority level by IT specialists - Next Technology Professionals report 2024

The table above was created based on data from our report on the IT labor market. In 2023, the average salary received, depending on the level of experience, was within the ranges offered in advertisements, with the exception of Experts employed on a B2B contract.

We encourage you to read the full report to learn more about the key findings.

IT technology companies in Warsaw

Examples of IT technology companies in Warsaw

Warsaw, as one of the largest cities in the country, is distinguished by countless different technology companies that open their doors to new employees from the IT industry. These include brands such as:

  • Sii
  • Allegro
  • Nokia
  • CD Projekt
  • Cisco
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Intel Poland
  • IBM
  • Nvidia
  • Comarch
  • Samsung R&D Institute Poland

And many others. Considering the different countries of origin of the mentioned companies, starting cooperation with them enables a huge development of competences in the IT industry and qualifications at an international level. Such experience greatly influences the development of programmers’ skills.

Why is it worth using the support of an IT recruitment agency?

Despite the IT crisis and the changing situation in the industry that we have been observing since 2023, there is still a great demand on the labor market for recruiting programmers and other IT experts.

Using the services of IT recruitment agencies seems to be a good solution, especially if the company is looking for highly qualified specialists and the recruitment process should be short and effective. If you are wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of such services are, we have described them in this article.

The advantages include: a thorough process confirmed by the results, cooperation full of trust and commitment, exchange guarantee, knowledge of the labor market in the IT industry and the experience of recruiters.

Some of the IT recruitment agencies prepare reports on the IT job market

Some IT recruitment agencies in Poland regularly publish reports on the labor market in this industry. Such reports provide reliable data that enable you to make IT recruitment decisions based on solid foundations. According to our report prepared at the beginning of 2024, in 2023 most job offers were addressed to people with medium professional experience, referred to as Mids, i.e. those with 2-4 years of experience. Using such reports significantly facilitates the IT recruitment process of programmers, allowing you to rely on real data developed by specialists in the IT recruitment industry. Thanks to this, agencies can provide recruitment services at the highest level, adapting to current trends and needs of the labor market.

Full data on the number of job offers for each IT specialization and experience level, along with information on the salaries offered and received, are available in the full version of our report. It can be downloaded in Polish and English versions.

We also encourage you to read our article “Salaries of IT specialists in Poland – data from the report“, in which we partially presented reporting data for the salaries of Polish IT specialists.

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