5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Poland for Outsourcing IT

Creativity, project experience, soft skills, knowledge of several programming languages, commitment – these are one of the most sought-after features in a new employee from the IT industry. You can recognize all these elements at a high level in a candidate coming from Poland. Read the article below and find out why it is worth outsourcing IT from this particular country.

High work ethic

Poles working in the international arena are known for their dedication and high motivation to practice their profession. They are not afraid of challenges and scrupulously carry out their assigned tasks. The basis of these behaviors can be found in the Polish education system, which prepares for systematic work (e.g. by daily homework) and enhances the ability of emotional separation from feedback (e.g. by frequent testing). As a result, Polish IT specialists are open to direct, constructive criticism – without leaving anyone’s feelings hurt. Additionally, Poles are considered as a punctual nation. Hence, if you arrange a meeting with a Polish IT specialist or set a specific deadline, you can rest assured that it will be done at the fixed time.

High level of expertise

ⓒRitika Trikha / HackerRank

According to the HackerRank, Polish employees are third in terms of being the best in programming. In the same ranking, Poles took the first place in performing tasks in Java. In Poland, it is also the most widely used coding language alongside Javascript, C# and Python.

Moreover, Polish programmers are among the youngest in the world to start learning coding – the 2018 Developer Skills Report ranked Poland in the 4th place with 7.7% of programmers who start creating their first projects at the age of 5-10.

90% of programmers in Poland have a university degree, and every year around 18,000 people graduate from ICT-related studies. It is worth noticing that many programmers in Poland obtain diplomas in majors not directly related to software and app development. Many programmers graduate from faculties such as physics or mathematics and statistics, thanks to which Polish IT specialists very often have comprehensive knowledge.

Relatively low salary costs

Collaborating with a Polish IT outsourcing company may turn out to be a very good investment for your business. If you want to receive a high-quality service in return for low costs, choosing a Polish programmer seems to be the most sensible solution. According to the latest data, Polish programmers earn an average of $2800 a month. It is almost two times less than developers from other European countries and much less in comparison to specialists from the USA (where the average monthly salary is $9302). 

Moreover, the salary costs of a Polish developer depend on the experience (career stage), form of the employment contract, but also the technology in which the person specializes. According to the report by No Fluff Jobs, the maximum monthly earnings of a senior developer in Poland might be 5 times bigger than the one of a junior.


By employing a Polish programmer, you will expand the internationality in your office. Working in a multicultural team teaches a lot about interpersonal relations, but also adds a knowledge value – e.g. the team can get to know some of the Slavic traditions. Moreover, ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to generate above-average revenues in their industry. 

When it comes to communication with Polish employees, this should not be a cause for concern. Poland is 16th out of 100 countries in terms of knowledge of the English language. If your company is located in Europe and you would like to meet with the Polish developer face-to-face then it’s not a problem – all it takes is a short flight and your employee can be physically present in the company. However, with today’s technology, offshoring is also a popular option when employing a Polish IT specialist.

Creative approach

Poland is known as a country that’s historically been through a lot, yet in all cases – by staying united, helping each other and finding non-obvious solutions – the Poles managed to overcome the difficulties. This persistence and creativity are visible in the nation to this day, so you can expect a Polish developer to identify and solve a problem at an early stage, very often using an unusual approach.

Are you still not convinced?


It is worth remembering that each Pole is different, so when employing such a person, it is necessary to precisely define who you are looking for and filter the potential candidates. For several years, the IT outsourcing market in Poland has been systematically growing – in 2021, it is expected to reach $2,311.7 million. Poland was also ranked 7th in terms of mature and most attractive locations for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in the Cushman & Wakefield ranking. Due to this, cooperating with a Polish IT outsourcing agency will certainly help in finding the right employee.